True Blood Season 2: Episode 2.09 – I Will Rise Up – Casting Call

April 23, 2009 by  

billsookietogetherNew True Blood Season 2 casting news for Episode 2.09 entitled “I Will Rise Up.” Spoiler TV is reporting that a casting call has gone out for three minor roles for the newly entitled episode.  Here are the following roles:

Boy: This role calls for a Caucasian male who is in his 20’s and plays the part of a terrified youth who is a  Soldier of the Sun and attempts to flee from the enraged Bil while pleading for his life. This part consist of 3 lines in 2 scenes.

Customer:  This character is a Caucasian female in her 40’s who is classified as a very sick sensation seeker who comes into the restaurant asking to see where the murder took place.  This part calls for 2 lines in 1  scene.

Customer #2:  This character is an African-American male in his 60’s who plays an annoyed and surly restaurant patron who asks the annoyed and surly Arlene for a little service. This part calls for 2 lines in 1 scene.

As always take the casting calls with a grain of salt because we really don’t know if the scenes are real or just another diversion to through us off track and keep us surprised.


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