True Blood Season 2: Episode 2.09 – I Will Rise Up – Casting Call

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billsookietogetherNew True Blood Season 2 casting news for Episode 2.09 entitled “I Will Rise Up.” Spoiler TV is reporting that a casting call has gone out for three minor roles for the newly entitled episode.  Here are the following roles:

Boy: This role calls for a Caucasian male who is in his 20’s and plays the part of a terrified youth who is a  Soldier of the Sun and attempts to flee from the enraged Bil while pleading for his life. This part consist of 3 lines in 2 scenes.

Customer:  This character is a Caucasian female in her 40’s who is classified as a very sick sensation seeker who comes into the restaurant asking to see where the murder took place.  This part calls for 2 lines in 1  scene.

Customer #2:  This character is an African-American male in his 60’s who plays an annoyed and surly restaurant patron who asks the annoyed and surly Arlene for a little service. This part calls for 2 lines in 1 scene.

As always take the casting calls with a grain of salt because we really don’t know if the scenes are real or just another diversion to through us off track and keep us surprised.


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  • my vampire name would be JAIZAYA like it?

    • Hi Jaime,

      We are not HBO and do not hire people for the show or have any say on the show whatsoever. We are a fan media site dedicated to providing the latest news, interviews and information about the True Blood.

  • ok yall i fig it out well its me jaime and if trueblood will just give me a chance i will be grateful foreever. So PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! let me be a vampire for u i promise i will not le u DOWN!

  • ok so how do i put a pic on here?

  • I believe dreams are roads that lead to the bounds of your imagination and mine is runnig rampid.I would love to play a part in your awesome show. I have dreams that would play out great in your show.

  • Chris Sheppard

    I think that I could play the boy I think it would be so much fun I love to act soooo much. True blood is My favourte show on TV today, if I had the chance to be in it I would go for it.I would want to have a major roll someone cool, and interesting like a Vampire. But I live in canada so I don’t think I would ever be on the show. Unless I move to La Witch I might Because it is so nice there. But we will see what happens. I do want to be on True Blood.

    • hey im trying to put a pic on here could u please tell me how to thank you ttys J

  • Andrea

    Is my gravatar working?? see crazy Caucasian told ya

    • it crazy right so lets do this lets be on there kool

  • Andrea

    ooo I can be the crazy Caucasian in her 40’s I wouldn’t have to act
    and I’m 44 so much in common…..