True Blood Season 2: Episode 9 ” I Will Rise Up” Video Promo

August 10, 2009 by  

bill-compton-season-2-episode-9HBO has released the official True Blood Season 2 episode 9 “I Will Rise Up” promo video featuring highlights that will have many True Blood fans wondering the fate of several of the characters.  As we saw at the end of Episode 8, Luke has decided to become a suicide bomber and take out as many vampires as he can, but what about Sookie and Jason.  Did they escape the blast and if so how?  In thew video promo we will see the aftermath of the explosion but where is Sookie, Jason and EricAlan Ball has really out done himself this season by providing True Blood fans with so much excitement and twists and turns in the storyline that even if those who have read the books don’t know what is going to happen next.  Now we have to wait another week in anticipation until episode 9 airs on Sunday, August 16 on HBO.  It is definitely going to be a long and slow week till then.


  • vigan

    See for free True Blood Season 2 Episode 9 –

  • jay

    @ 0:05 when bill moves past who I presume is luke upside down and dead. If you take a close look and guys its really hard to see.. You can see eric lying over sookie. Presuming he was trying to shield and protect her. See if you can pick it up, its a quick one.

  • Sintia

    Maryann has got to go! I hate her trying to destroy Sam.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing how the whole Bill-Sookie-Eric situation evolves

  • pbartteacher

    I noticed in the spoiler for this week, nothing was given on the Sookie, Eric and Bill triangle. No little teases about the Dallas storyline. Should be interesting to see what Alan Ball has in store for us with this story line.

    We are not going to be getting rod Maryann that quickly. Tara looks like she is going to have an intervention with Lafayette and Lettie Mae. Trying to pry her away from the clutches of Eggs and Maryann. By the way, where is Karl? He hasn’t been seen lately.

    I did notice that they showed Lorena sitting in a chair very darkly lit. That was interesting. At first I thought it was Queen Sophie Anne but the necklace is Lorena’s. Not gone quite yet. Perhaps she has other plans up her sleeve for Sookie and Bill.Not willing to give up on her southern gentleman quite yet.

  • Lori

    I’ve read all the books and was so excited when I found out they made it into a series!!! But this is like experiencing it all over again with new twists and turns. And with that said, and knowing there is more creaters to come, I am not loving this whole maryanne storyline. It may get better but as of right now I’m wanting more of my vamp’s I fell in love with in the book. It may be going somewhere just right now Im annoyed…. But I love they didn’t kill off laffyette, still waiting for Bubba!!! Go C Harris!!! Ur my hero!

  • noandthen

    Nice continuity with Rev. Newlin having a bruise in the center of his forehead

  • vampirebelle

    well we all know sookie, jason and our gorgeous eric are ok. but this maryann has got to go every time I see her in grams apron it burns my cookie how about you?

  • vampirebelle

    well we all know that sookie,jason,and ourgorgeous eric maybe hurt but not dead.This maryann has got to go and lorana as well.It burns my cookie every time I see maryann in grams apron does it bother any one else?

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  • A

    Why is Lorena still there? She needs to gtfo.
    I reckon all the vamps need to get their butts back to Bon Temps and sort out MaryAnn now. Come on…