True Blood Season 2: Episode 9 Teaser

August 13, 2009 by  

SPOILER ALERT! Here we go again with another spoiler alert. However, we know many of you enjoy these spoilers and crave them while others hate them.  Therefore, if you do not want to know anything about the upcoming episode on True Blood, stop reading now otherwise you will be spoiled!  OK you have been warned!  A new little spoiler piece has come in thanks to Michael Ausiello from regarding episode 9 “I Will Rise Up” airing on Sunday, August 16 on HBO.


Dana wrote in to Michael and asked;  How about a hot and juicy True Blood scoop on Sookie and Eric. Michael responded with an answer that is going to have True Blood fans anxiously waiting for Sunday night’s episode to air.  Michael stated, “Sookie will be planting her luscious lips all over Eric’s hard body in Sunday’s episode. Hot any juicy enough for you?”  Now we don’t know what Alan Ball has in store for our two vampires, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard)  in regards to their relationship with Sookie (Anna Paquin) but, we do know that it is going to cause a rollercoaster ride of emotions for many.

Whether you are Team Bill or Team Eric, just remember that both actors are doing a marvelous job with their performances on True Blood.  Where the story line is going to go is anyone’s guess at this point in time. Remember this is Alan Ball‘s show and anything is possible.


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  • Lol funny my name is eric and it’s ironic that i’m for Team bill, but someone should release some spoilers! Jeez, I want to know what happened in the books. I ordered them online and i’m going to start reading asap/

    • pbartteacher

      No spoilers here. And no real book talk here. But if you do read the books, you may have a different opinion of Bill. Eric all the way!

  • Val

    Just saw episode 9 and I think it is far and away the best yet!!! What a powerful,sexy and uplifing experience! TrueBlood is the BEST show on television today!!!

  • _Zandra_

    i’m team ERIC, definitely… ok if sookie doesn’t become a vampire she can’t stay with one, or at least not for long, i suppose. so that means that she’s gonna end up with some kind of boring human…grrrr. not happy at all 🙁

  • Teresa

    I have read all the books to date, and if you notice, Bill has never completely left the picture. He is always right there, and she does seem to care about him still.
    Also I hope Alan does differ from the books in the show because Charlene Harris has stated again and again that Sookie WILL NOT END UP WITH A VAMPIRE, I definitely want her life partner to be a vampire.

    • AlexsLover

      wait wait wait,im lost….when did Charlaine said that???

    • Niki Lynn

      Yes. I would like to know when she said this also. Suddenly all my Eric/Sookie hopes have been dashed… 🙁

      • Laura

        Charlaine hasn’t said that. What she said was: “Sookie will never become a vampire. And a vampire can’t give her what she’s always thought she wanted; a regular marriage with children. But that doesn’t mean Sookie will end up with exactly what she wants. I see no reason why she couldn’t settle with one person.”

        • Niki Lynn

          And suddenly, all is well again…