True Blood Season 2: Eric Promo Video

May 18, 2009 by  

tbs2ericpromoTrue Blood Season 2 is featuring several of the characters is 15 short promos and here is the one with Eric.  It looks like season two of True Blood cannot get here fast enough.  So in the meantime enjoy this teasing clip.

  • crystal

    i feel like in true blood alan has made sookie and bill the heart of the series. like when eric was supose to stake longshadow and save sookie, bill did it instead….=( bill is nicer in the show and eric is colder :S well i hope things gets better next season!\
    and ya i’m disapointed about eric’s hair, but i don’t think its pernament plus alex still looks hot! XP

  • I thought vamps were supposed to not be able to cut their hair, trim sideburns or change their appearance from what it was when they were made. Ms. Harris states this in her books (as did Ann Rice in hers) Eric was HOT with his long hair and I can’t believe they are letting Alex get away with having his hair cut. I am BUMMED!!! Eric just dipped down 30 points on my hot meter….

    • Nia

      Yes Becky, I believe that Eric should have his long hair. I think that it is part of his persona as a old world viking. Also vampires are supposed to stay the way they were turned. Who wouldn’t like to see him in his long hair. The longer the better. I am first and foremost a Bill lover but I can still appreciate a good looking viking!!!

  • Buttercup

    Since we were denied much of Eric in Season 1 I can only hope we Team Eric gals will get our due during the 2nd season.

    As I said on another site in reference to Alan Ball saying that “Bill and Sookie are the heart of the show”, just as a heart can end up becoming abused and damaged over time and require a boost, Eric Northman is the pacemaker to guarantee jolts of electricity to keep that heart rhythm going.

  • Chantell

    Eric is hot hot hot!

  • Val

    OMG!!! Eric is so Hot… Hurry up June 14th….

  • Larinhastar

    Omigod… *sighs* Eric is too hot to be true…

  • Melissa

    Wow….just wow. I so can’t wait till the second season comes out.