True Blood Season 2: Evan Rachel Wood To Be Queen Sophie-Anne

April 22, 2009 by  

evan-rachel-woodWe would like to thank HBO for sending to us here at information confirming that Evan Rachel Wood has been cast to play the role of Queen Sophie-Anne in Season 2 of True Blood. According to previous casting calls Queen Sophie Anne is the Vampire Queen of Louisiana and is described as originally from France and has been a vampire for almost five hundred years. Ms. Wood’s character is described as charming, wily, ruthless and wise. With one foot in the old world and one in the new, she rules all vampires in the state of Louisiana, engages with Kings and Queens from other states. Brilliant and far-sighted, she is a consummate diplomat, politician and adversary. Incredibly cultured, has known many of history’s most famous people personally — as well as had affairs with many of them — she is entertaining, funny, dangerous and delightful. Queen Sophie-Anne is set to appear in two episodes, both of which will air towards the end of the show’s upcoming second season with recurring appearances in future seasons.

Ms. Wood has appeared extensively in both television and feature films including “Profiler,” “American Gothic,” “Once and Again,” “The Missing,” “Shark Bait,” “Running With Scissors ” and most recently “The Wrestler.” Currently she is appearing in a feature film directed by Woody Allen that she co-stars with Henry Cavill, Patricia Clarkson, Larry David, and Ed Begley, Jr., entitled, “Whatever Works” which opened the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday, April 22, 2009.

Ms. Wood’s performance as Queen Sophie-Anne will be a thrill for True Blood fans as her character will set up the twists and turns that will sure to occur in True Blood.


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  • Larinhastar

    I was wondering who will be playing Andre…

  • christina

    i totally thought she was extra creepy for the young factor in the books. i guess it is part of the going its own direction thing. wonder if we will get to see eric in those red undies . . . . . .

  • Brelinda

    errrr….. I completely agree with Boussie, Queen Sophie Ann is supposed to be very young, like very early teens at the most. I’m sure they had their reasons for not casting a younger girl, but it kinda takes away from the character since she is thought to have the face of a child with the temper and rage of evil itself. In this book/season she doesn’t have a very big role, but in the future she ends up being a pretty big part (book 6).
    I started reading the series about 7 years ago for a book project and kept up as the books kept coming out. I was pretty psyched when I found out they were actually going to make a TV show about the series, but I think they have changed the storyline to the point where it might not make sense later on. We’ll see HBO has a way of surprising people.
    I just hope that Alan Ball has actually read the entire series before he decides to change even more of it.


    • Hi Brelinda! Well I think Alan Ball will stay with the spirit of the books but I do hope he goes in his own direction. Even Charlaine Harris said she is aware of this and is ok with it since he is going along the spirit of the books which as Charlaine stated is “that combination of humor, horror, and sex which characterizes the Sookie books.” So it does not necessarily mean we need to do a play-by-play of the books. Alan Ball is a genius and I truly believe True Blood is a masterpiece and will continue to be with his guidance and imagination. If you want to read Charlaine’s interview where she discusses Dead and Gone click the following link:

      • Boussie

        True, true. But…she’s so much creepier and lethal as a child! No one sees the evil coming!

  • Boussie

    Well, she certainly has the acting chops…but I think she looks a little too old to play Sophie.

  • Kathy W

    Evan Rachel Wood is perfect for playing Sophie Anne. I can’t wait for the next season to begin.