True Blood Season 2: EW Recap of Episode 4

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true_blood_season_2_episode_4Alright, we waited two weeks for “Shake and Fingerpop.” Ken Tucker from EW gives us his True Blood season 2 episode 4 recap after last week expressing his annoyance at the mini-marathon instead of a new episode.  Ken starts his recap by examining Bill‘s and Sookie‘s roles as surrogate parents to (as Ken refers to her) “the delightfully bratty Jessica.” [Author’s comment: my take on Jessica (played by Deborah Ann Woll) is that she rocks at playing the part of a hormonal teen vampire. Watching Bill pop out of the coffin to save Sookie, then Jessica screaming, “How the hell do I get out of this thing?” as her coffin bounced around on the ground while she tried to get out was hysterical.

Ken talks about the relationship of Bill and Sookie taking on new dimensions:

It displayed a new side of the Sookie-Bill relationship, showing that they’re not just lovers making goo-goo eyes at each other — they can see each other’s strengths and flaws. Sookie may be a tough country gal, but she’s still naive about the nature of both evil and adolescence, and thus prone to being too permissive. (And, really, is there much difference between a teenager and a leeching vampire?) “Two travel coffins instead of one,” sighed Bill, ordering an additional for Jessica even as he knew knowing nothing good can come of this.”

We all know plenty of good fun can come out of this and it did. Bill showing Jessica how to glamor Sookie’s would-be abductor was a great scene. Sookie‘s look radiated her emotions, seeming to say, What a great dad he is. Sadly, I must admit, even as an adult I would have played with this man’s mind in the some way or another. Who knows what I would have made him do in public, but I would have had fun with it.

Alright now as Ken puts it here a SPOILER on who was behind the foiled kidnapping.

“A pivotal connection was made in this episode, as we found out that the people behind the attack on Sookie upon arrival in Dallas (with the limo driver played by Dean Norris, who’s so good in Breaking Bad), are the Soldiers of the Sun, the elite group of anti-vampire fanatics headed up by Rev. Steve Newlin and whose newest recruit is our dear sap Jason Stackhouse.

In all the spoilers that I had read concerning the “Eric and Lafayette” scene, it was discussed as being homoerotic.  The scene was anything but erotic.  If anything, Eric looks bored while Lafayette is drinking his blood and mildly bemused by Lafayette‘s dancing but not interested enough to even stick around.  Lafayette dancing around was hysterical, but NOT homoerotic!

Then of course Ken points out the hysterical debate between Jason and a few of Fellowship Of The Sun worshipers on the first vampire:

The debate among the Fellowship of the Sun stooges about who was the original vampire, Jesus, Lazarus, or Cain, was priceless”
Then of course Jason’s final words on the derivative of the word Evil and its meaning “explain Europe.” I couldn’t tell if they were confused or actually thinking hmmmm he’s right.

To read Ken Tucker’s recap go to:

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  • pbartteacher

    “Dig” by Headbone. Not available anywhere yet. Still looking. Tara and Eggs upstairs—“The Forgotten People” by Thievery Corporation that is available at itunes. Both are great tunes. I have been piecing together my own mix with the different episodes of music. Fun times!

  • Chris

    Does anyone know the name of the song that is played at taras 26th birthday when she starts grinding on her boyfriend?

  • pbartteacher

    Could Eric get any cooler than last night. Alex Skarsgard has done an amazing job of setting the tone for this character. Not entirely the bad ass vampire. He is setting the tone for the sensitive side which ultimately Sookie will fall for. Well at least in the novels. They are continually working on his wardrobe and it seems to be coming together. The hair cut, etc. is all working to establish this character as someone to watch in future episodes. Yummy!

    I will readily admit that I was all Team Bill in Season One but Bill is looking a little over made up with the white make up. Need to tone it down a bit. Go back to episode one. With the one day beard and more warmer skin tone. Now that was hot. Really trying to make him look more evil and scary.

    Really warming up the Eric’s character for the TB@2 viewers. The next scene should be a gas. Since Eric doesn’t drink True Blood you know what is going to happen next. “What type are you?” I’m 1000years old, want to come to my room or how about right here!”I’ve got the munchies after flying several hundred miles to Dallas.”

    Debra Woll ia amazing as Jessica. Her part is very well written and I’m sure that Hoyt and she will be having some serious fun in the not so distant future.

    Sookie looked just down right cute with the little yellow sunshine dress and the “tiny” doll size bottles of liquor. “They gave me 10”. And darn that Eric for interrupting, Bill and I.

    All in all a great episode, thank goodness HBO is not making us wait another 2 weeks for another episode. I thought my DVR would burn up with the past episode. Keep the plot lines twisting and turn AB. Well done. Please start writing Season 3 right now. Can’t wait to see where you are going to take us next.

    • Nia

      I agree with you pbartteacher, the first season I was all team Bill and I still am loyal to my vampire but they really did overdue the white makeup especially in this last episode. Maybe Stephen was out in the sun too much while filming and they had to cover it up. Eric is not so white, why does Bill have to be. Even though my loyalty to my vampire runs deep, it does not mean I cannot admire Eric and how his character is developing. I forsee so much drama ahead for Bill and Eric.
      Sookie was absolutely adoraeable in her little yellow outfit. She was also a bit tipsy from the “doll size” bottles of booze. Too cute. She seems so in love with Bill. And they were realy cute together at the hotel, Bill is loostening up. I wonder if they are setting things up for a fall. If you know what I mean. When you are up at the top the only way to go is down.
      Jessica has been a great addtion to the show as I have said before. Bills house, the airport, the hotel, all priceless.
      I have a favor to ask. Does anyone know what it was that Jessica told Leon to shout in the hotel lobby? I have played it many times on my DVR and I cannot figure it out. If anyone knows, please write it out…thanks.
      I am glad Eric healed Lafayette, I actually thought that Bill would do it, but I am glad Eric came around. Again, it shows that Eric is trying to work himself into Sookies good graces. I tend to wonder where Lafayette will go from here?
      I am also having fun with Jasons character. The dialogue Jason had with thte other boys at breakfast over religion was histerical. He is trying to be a good boy by keeping his pants on, but the dream sequence he had with Sara wa funny. Good ole Jason, old habits die hard.
      So, is Eggs good or bad. Tara likes him alot, obviously after this episode. Now, is he being duped by Maryanne or is he working for her? He doesn’t seem to have scratches on his back, so I guess we will have to wait and see.
      Sam, Sam ,Sam you need a good girl and I don’t think Daphne is it. How is she connected to Maryanne, other than being scratched by her? I think she was sent to mess up Sam in some way. It sure is delaying him from leaving. Although Maryanne did say it has nothing to do with him. So what is it with Maryanne? I felt so bad for Sam when Maryanne told him he was..dumped and left for a dead man, and he is not an alpha.
      I am also happy that Arlene has hooked up with Terry. They are both messed up but that could make for good chemistry.
      By the way, anyone noticed that our good town coroner has been having a very good time of late. He was involved in the orgy’s in the books as well.
      Looking forward to more TB. Sundays do not come quick enough.

      • pbartteacher

        “Becky Ubanks is a stuck up whor* and let Jason finger her in the church.” More or less that is what Leon says.

        Well, Lafayette definitely has a different spin on vampires now since he was almost killed. He has definitely seen the worse and also the best in Eric. Even if he has ulterior motives for the blood sharing. Eric will be tracking him from now on. Perhaps a “booty” call will be up next.

        Daphne is one of Maryanne minions as is Eggs. She wants Tara to join the coven. I believe Maryann is matching Tara and Eggs for an evil union. You know almost like a wedding. Remember that beautiful,big ass cake. “Wedding, birthday its all the same” is what Maryann says.

        Maryann has definitely sent Daphne to distract Sam from Tara. Even though she professes to say its not about Sam and its not. She wants to make sure no one interferes with her plans. That’s why she tried to kill Sookie. Remember, Sookie was talking to Tara about moving in with her. After Maryann got wind of this idea, the next thing Sookie was being attacked by Maryann. Maryann thrives on chaos, sex, gluttony all those evil sins.

        Jessica will be using the cell phone this week. Who does a vampire call on a cell phone? Not her family, enter Hoyt. “Oh Hoyt, come to Dallas. I have my own room. I miss you so much. Enter gullible, Hoyt. Bill is not going to like this.

        I wasn’t wildly overjoyed about the FOTS plot line, but they seem to having fun with it. They have definitely put a comic spin on that. Jason, Jason, Jason. What can we say? How long until he and Sarah hit the sheets? He’s trying –what 2 whole days. Remember, the Season 2 takes place in real time of only 2 weeks according to Alan Ball.

        Anyways, anxiously waiting for episode 5. I bet Eric does not order a True Blood. Instead, can I have a B- (straight) with O+ as a chaser.

        • Nia

          Ha Ha, LOL. I enjoyed your reply pbartteacher. So much to ponder over, so many possibilities, so much fun. I love trying to figure out what is going to happen next.
          Thanks for letting me know what Jessica told Leon to say. I will have to listen to it again, and hopefully finally hear it properly.
          Please do not give up on Bill yet. He may look older but he is still my gentleman vampire with an edge who gives great makeup sex. I am wondering where the series will take him. How it will differ from the books? Don’t get me wrong, Eric is a handsome, brooding, badass vamp with delusions of a little blond appetiser. I am looking forward to see where the show takes him as well. It is difficult for me to like both men/vamps and to have them both come out on top. I cannot switch my loyalty from Bill because it is mostly because of him that I first watched the show. And he was the focus of many a sweet daydream .CAn’t just throw that away so I will route for them both because they both deserve it.
          Looking forward to next week!!!!!

  • Nia

    All too much fun. Just want more and more. Bill and Eric are beautiful vampires and I can’t wait to see what happens when and if Eric makes a play for Sookie. Bill and Eric respect and dislike each other. Would they turn on each other? Or is there enough loyalty to continue their strained relationship. Eric has made it quite clear that Bill must obey like it or not. I love both these characters, they make the show. So much anticipation as the season unfolds.
    By the way, love the photo of Bill and Eric together.