True Blood Season 2: HBO Invitation to the Set

May 7, 2009 by  

We presented previously a new video featuring never before seen clips from Season 2 of True Blood that was graciously provided by rclaurel.  We now have a better recording of the official HBO: Invitaion to the Seat of True Blood Season 2 with a clearer picture and sound recording.  True Blood fans cannot get enough of watching these clips over and over again. Enjoy!


    I did not see anything of Sookie and Eric here … what frustration!!

    • Remember Selene True Blood is an adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse series not a direct re-enactment and in book 2 as I recall Bill and Sookie are a couple and Eric is trying to make is moves. I for one hope Alan Ball makes the show his own and does not follow the books because the deep emotional development between Bill and Sookie is cornerstone to the show and to the main theme of two outsiders finding each other in this crazy world and trying to make it work against all obstacles.

      • Nia

        I can’t agree with you more AdoreBill. I was disappointed in the books because there was so little Bill in them after book 2. I am not fond of the Sookie character in the books. She so blatantly forgets her first love. There were things he had to do because he had no choice. Although he ried to explain and aplologize, she did not have the decency to forgive which is paramount to good character. I do not mind Eric getting mixed up in thier lives and reeking some havoc, but the main theme is their love and it should always triumph. Love won through adversity is so precious, and not to be thrown away so easily. Sorry for the book spoilers.