True Blood Season 2: Latest Spoiler Tidbits

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true_blood_comic_com_cast_groupAs we have hit the mid-way point of season 2 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood, spoiler tidbits are still coming out.  Watch with Kristin from E!Online provides some answers that some book readers of the Sookie Stackhouse novels may have.   She answers a fans question:  Now that True Blood is a hit, will the Sookie Stackhouse novels follow the show’s storyline for the new books?

The only person who can answer that question is the author of the series, Charlaine Harris.   Charlaine states:

“I don’t think I’m that affected by the show because those are past books that the current plot is kind of hooked to, and I’m way beyond that now. Things have changed. Eric [Alexander Skarsgård] has a completely different maker from the maker on the show. There are all kinds of changes. But I hope that you all see it as a great opportunity to have two different entertainment experiences.” She also noted that she doesn’t get involved with the True Blood scripts: “We have a working relationship, [show runner] Alan [Ball] and I. I don’t tell him how to make the show, and he doesn’t tell me how to write the books.”

In other news, episode 12 has finally been named and will be entitled, “Before The Night Is Over.”  According to a report from Stacy Plaisance from Associated Press, the finale episode of True Blood that was recently shot in Louisiana featured the Jerry Lee Lewis song, “Before the Night is Over”:

“The sequence shot on this day was a dance scene. Paquin, in a sundress with her hair in a sleek up-do, and Moyer in black suit, do a modified jitterbug to the Jerry Lee Lewis song “Before the Night Is Over.” Between takes, the actors chill out in a back room at the B&B where stylists touch up their makeup.”

True Blood has definitely glamored the masses and has them mesmerized into needing to know what is going to happen next.  All that True Blood fans can do is wait anxiously each week as we get closer to the season finale and wonder how will they survive the long wait for season 3.


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  • OMG!!! NO HBO!!! I’ve pre-ordered Season 2…All excited, here!! I need my True Blood fix! Thankfully, I have Season 1…It will have to hold me over…I don’t know if I can make it??!!! O.K., I can make it…I’m calmin on down..whew…

  • crystal

    I feel that the books were great! I think alan ball is so intelligent for how he protrays all his characters,even if they do not feel the same in the books. I love the books Ive read all of them and ejoy charlaine harris and her writting style. This is a unique world this woman has created unlike any other. And for how Mr. Ball has brought it alive, is an ejoyment and great oppurtinity for me each week. Its fun! One of my favorite shows Ive ever watched atleast for the supernatural aspect its enjoyable and Im so happy to get to watch it each week, giving me a good love/ mystery to enjoy. Im thankful for these smart people and please keep up the good work on your brillant and tastful show and books.

    • Abby

      Bravo indeed. It would be an absolute horror if we forgot to thank the writers, Alan Ball, Charlaine Harris, the entire cast for their dedication and talent in bringing our characters to LIFE. The crew that makes the show possible to see, HBO. Thank you all…I can’t wait to see the second half of season 2 and I am THRILLED!!!! Beyond belief that now its set and True Blood is moving forward for a 3 season!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times and more Thank you!

  • val

    Well I wonder if Eric’s REAL self was revealed when he lost his memory?! I guess we will never know.I love the way the show has deviated from the books because IT IS like seeing a new but similar story! I love Godric in the HBO series but did not care much for him in the book. Eric’s character is what I would expect of a thousand year old creature who had seen pretty much EVERYTHING. I was surprised at last week’s show where Bill was so blood-thirsty and cruel a whole 50 years after being MADE. I would certainly not call him a new vampire at that time! It must have taken a lot of effort for him to become the gentleman that Sookie fell in love with!

  • Leila

    HBO/AB Sookie and Bill have an amazing chemstry. I would be really sad if their relationship ended – as it did in the book 3. Lack of t heir love would make the show a lot less interesting. While Eric is gorgeous – it is dubious if his character (book & show) can have the same chemistry towards Sookie as Bill. Eric seems less tortured, more comfortable with his status as a vampire and therefore his character intentionally does not deliver the same depth towards Sookie. He just doesnt need her love as much(the actor AS is indeed gorgeous but the character he plays does not desrve Sookie – she is better off with Bill). I was somewhat dissapointed with the path & attitude CH took towards Bill so far. (I read 8 book so far) No other lover of Sookie in the books was ever able to deliver the same level of love/passion for Sookie. Eric never said he loves her and only came after Sookie when she was with someone else or he lost his mind/memory (not being his authentic self. Bill still loves Sooke – even after the book break up – and is trying to convince Sookie of his love. I hope that AB/HBO will keep Bill as Sookie’s main man. She really doesnt have to go sleeping around the world to find out that Bill is the one for her.

    • Sue

      Excellent post! I to feel the same way about Bill and his feelings towards Sookie. He was a friend, lover, and true companion to Sookie. Yes, he was ordered by the Queen to spy, but he never thought he would fall in love with her. It was a cruel twist of fate. I found it extremely frustrating that she could never forgive Bill in the books. Eric only wants to possess her because of her fay(sp) blood. Even in Book 9 Sookie knows that she wants him, but she’s unsure if it’s because of the blood bond or true love. I’ve never felt drawn to Eric like I’m drawn to Bill. But of course we do need some excitement and a love triangle is always fun, just as long as Bill wins in the end!!! 🙂

      • Abby

        Great Posts. FYI in the last book Eric-who he is, is slowly being revealed to Sookie and the greatest part is the moment of clarity Sookie is overwhelmed with and truly ‘sees’ Bill and feels everything he means to her and accepts it…I cannot express the need for another book! Bill needs to be with Sookie and Sookie needs him. Both have lost too much, don’t let them lose eachother.

        The series is great…I eagerly await Sunday!! I have been trying to separate the storyline from the books. Just take the similarities and book moments in the series as a True Blood BONUS!

        Please C. Harris and A. Ball keep the stories coming (fast as you can)

  • mairemor

    I’m relieved that CH won’t foll AB’s plot line. AB’s Eric is cold and humorless ( although AS is the hottest thing on the planet). The reason I read the SVM s is for Sook and Eric. I hope CH will eventually give them LTR.