True Blood Season 2: A New Beginning for Blood Copy

May 12, 2009 by  

bcsymbolBlood Copy is no longer being published by Roger but by Andrew, but a different Andrew, vampire Andrew.  As he states on his blog Blood Copy will now be written by a bona fide vampire “who is willing to give up his busy nights hunting down your precious children*, cattle*, and housecats* to gather all the vampire news that’s fit to blog about from a vampire‘s perspective. is the only place in the world where you’re going to find these stories, so you have to come read every day if you treasure your pets*.”  Andrew points out that his lawyer told him to emphasize that he only drinks Tru Blood and that he doesn’t prey on livestock, pets, or children. That’s why he used the (*) to imply he is just kidding.  Good thing he hasn’t lost his humor.

For his very first entry vampire Andrew goes into detail how vampires have been around since the very beginning and have witnessed first hand what humans have only read in history books. Instead of trying to sound superior to human he mentions that vampires and humans are not that different and that all vampires were human at one point in their lives.  Well it shouldn’t surprise us that curiosity got the best of him and instead of researching vampires Andrew decided he wanted to become one himself.  Now as a vampire he feels he can share an even more in-depth vision of the world of vampires to humans.

Therefore he has decided to take over Blood Copy and to write for both vampires and humans alike on the blog.  He wants vampires to be seen and to be part of mainstream society.  He wants to share on his blog topics that are both good and bad as a way for vampires and humans learn to help each other, and the ways they seek to feast on each others blood.  Well it is your choice to read his blog and hear what he has to say but I for one will be reading and listening.  We have to share this planet together and instead of fearing that which is unknown it is best to learn and grow from it.  So join me in reading vampire Andrew’s posts because I’m sure we will all learn something about each other from it and some of it we may not want to hear. Go here to read vampire Andrew’s first entry.

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