True Blood Season 2: New Casting News

May 2, 2009 by  

fredrikTrue Blood season 2 casting news for episode 5 “Never Let Me Go” and episode 2 “Keep this Party Going.” Fredrik Ejemo has been cast to play the role of Gunner who, according to previous casting calls is a badly wounded and bleeding viking in his 20s speaking Old Norse in a flashback scene to the tenth century AD which may mean it is a flashback scene to Eric’s previous life before he was turned into a vampire. Mr. Ejemo’s previous work includes the Swedish movie Kärringen därnere and a Swedish TV series entitled, Tre kronor.

kimswennenKim Swennen will play the part of the well-dressed woman who comes to the Hotel Carmilla seeking work and clearly has been with vampires frequently due to fang scars all over her chest and neck and she has no idea that Sookie and Barry can read her every thought.  Ms> Swennen has previously appeared in “Gilmore Girls,” “ Mad Men,” and the TV movie “Love Is A Four Letter Word.”

Jason Castle will appear in episode 2 “Keep This Party Going” as a church goer of the Fellowship of the Sun.  Mr. Castle has made brief appearance in several movies including, “Four Christmases”, “17 Again” and in the upcoming  “G.I. Joe: rise of the Cobra.”


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