True Blood Season 2: News Reports from Around the World

June 5, 2009 by  

true-blood-season-2-news-reports-vampiresAs a result of the ever increasing number of vampires coming out of the close, various issues are starting to arise.  Reports are emerging about the challenges we are all facing with the emergence of vampires as we see in this clip of news reports from around the world.  One thing is certain.  People need to get use to the existence of vampires but will they be able to adjust to shape-shifters?  Judge for yourself.  In the meantime don’t forget to watch the premiere of True Blood Season 2 on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 9PM/ET on HBO.  Now that is one vampire show you do not want to miss.

SOURCE: Digital Kitchen, Chicago Direction of Mark Bashor

  • Denise Strand

    I don’t think the fans will have a problem with the shape-shifting, I just hope they do it well in the series, with so much CGI around at the minute I can’t see it being to much off a problem. I’m just wondering if they will use real wolves and just do the CGI on the actual change itself?