True Blood Season 2: Official Sneak Preview Video

April 20, 2009 by  

Many thanks to HBO for sending to us here at the official release version of the True Blood Season 2 sneak preview video to give True Blood fans a chance to see what is in store for season two. As a reminder to all True Blood fans Season 2 of True Blood will debut on HBO on June 14th. Also don’t forget that the True Blood Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray box set and soundtrack will be released on May 19th so make sure you purchase your copies.

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  • Valeria


    I agree completelly with you, specially when we now what should happen, but still an awesome show…my favorite show ever…love the books!

  • sandy

    some of the things in the show that dont match with the book drive me NUTS!!! this new vampire girl did not exist in the books…grrrrr…

  • brenna

    i can’t wait until this comes out, too much suspense >.<
    the maenad looks awesome in this!!!!!
    and i think sookie was just trying to be friends with jessica, maybe she’s getting jealous that jess is always unna be aroud bill? 😛

  • rclaurel

    Sookie Took Jessica to see her Human Family, without telling Bill,He had to glamor the family almost to in sanity, she is a dangerous creature,she could have Killed the entry family plus sookie, I see nothing wrong with him getting mad, and telling her she undermined his authority as a maker, at least he is showing her the Maker/child bond…..this is smart of
    AB creativity, that wasn’t expressed in the book,

    • Nia

      I did not realize that there was more to this clip that we have not seen. It must have been at Paleyfest where they showed the whole thing. I love it. Can’t wait for season 2. I am hoping that they can keep the relationship of Bill/Sookie fresh. They are going to have to have ups and downs because that makes the “making up” all the better. As for Jessica, I thought at the end of Season 1 that she would be a real problem, dangerous, for Bill in Sookie in a different way that we are now seeing. Instead of Sookie resenting Jessica, she now seems to be a friend/mentor, so maybe now Bill is jealous of Sookie spending time with Jessica and like it was mentioned above, undermining his authority. Great anticipation!!!

  • vampire belle


  • Bre

    omg Ive been waiting to see this video since I heard about it at paley fest!!
    the anticipation is KILLING me!
    Is there anyway I could get this video?
    embded code or anything?

  • Debra

    I just saw this video on you tube and was fixing to write about it on here, but ya’ll beat me to it. I am so excited to finally see some clip from the new season. The maenad looks wicked in this video. I can’t wait! Only about 53 more days til new season starts. Hey I know everyone is buying the audio books on cds, but has anyone bought the playback recorded books, they are so cool, its like walking around with a mp3 player that strickly plays that one book, all you need is a aaa battery and headphones. I have listened to 3 of the playbacks already and my battery is still going strong.

    • Debra,

      Would love to know more about the playback recorded books! I always thought the audio books on CD were the same thing. Could you explain the difference, very interested to know and thank you so much for letting everyone know about them!

  • I wasn’t sure I was gonna check s2 out… I thought that I might stop at s1… cuz well it was too… how to say it over-sexed? and this coming from a die hard Six Feet Under fan… but this clip is scary and hilarious at the same time! nicely done Alan Ball!

  • Shanna

    Im so happy that u guys posted this it makes me even more excited to see the new season!!!! thanks a lot!!!!