True Blood Season 2 Premiere: The Buzz Video

June 22, 2009 by  

alexander-skarsgard-true-blood-season-2-video-clipHere is another True Blood Season 2 Premiere video with the cast of True Blood being interviewed this time by The Buzz.  Now I know several fans were a little upset that in some of the video interviews on the red carpet, Alexander Skarsgard did not appear.  Well for all you Alexander fans should enjoy this video because Alex is included in this one. Enjoy!

SOURCE: The Buzz

  • antonio

    In-freaking-Credible!! The video stream was Awesome!!
    I’m So happy for them and their success with the show they deserve it!! Can’t wait to see them gather for the Season 3 Premiere!!
    The Second Seasond Really Was Different and Innovative ad Bizarre!! If Only people like Us could attend these things!!
    LOL Go TB!!

  • Nia

    Just more fuel for the fire that is burning so bright for True Blood. I am getting the word out to any that still might be clueless to this wonderful show. Anything else, on television, pales in comparison. I look forward to Sunday nights!!!!!