True Blood Season 2: Recap of “Nothing But the Blood”

June 16, 2009 by  

true_blood_2season-2ep-1SPOILER ALERT!  IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN EPISODE ONE DO NOT READ! Season 2 of True Blood premiered on Sunday, June 14, 2009 with the first episode entitled “Nothing But the Blood.”  TVGuide Mickey O’Conner presents a detail recap of the season 2 opener focusing on all the major themes that were played out.  Below is an excerpt from his report.

In the second-season premiere of True Blood, we pick up right where we left off, in the parking lot of Merlotte‘s where there’s a dead body with painted toenails in Andy’s car. We find out who it is, and what that discovery means for Lafayette‘s future on the show. Bill and Sookie squabble like old marrieds, except now they can also squabble with their surrogate teen daughter, Jessica. We learn how Sam and Maryann know each other, and why the heck Jason is joining an anti-vampire church.

How you livin’, fangbangers? This is Mickey O’Connor (blood type: O+). We heard your fervent cries for more Blood (sickos, all of you), so I’m going to be recapping each and every episode of Alan Ball’s phantasma-gory, Southern-fried extravaganza for you this summer.

Full disclosure up front: I am not a Goth, nor have I ever been (save a few Cure albums from the ’80s). I am also not what you’d call a fan of the vampire genre. I thought Buffy was aight, but Sarah Michelle Gellar’s acting makes my teeth itch, so I was not a regular viewer. Ditto Blade, Moonlight, Angel, Underworld, and the novels of Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer and Charlaine Harris — on which this show is based. So I apologize in advance if I miss some of the vamp fundamentals along the way. Please feel free to school me in the comments section.

On the other hand, I’m a huge Alan Ball fan, and of his genius screenplay for American Beauty and the brutal, rough-edged nihilism of Six Feet Under. I’m already seeing how Ball is weaving his favorite themes — self-destruction as redemption, family as a necessary evil, coming out of the closet — into True Blood, and so far I really like the hot, sweaty mess he has created down on the sticky bayous of Bon Temps. Are you ready for seconds? Then let’s sharpen our incisors and dig in!

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