True Blood Season 2 Returns To High Ratings

June 17, 2009 by  

Nelsan Ellis at Paley Fest

Nelsan Ellis at Paley Fest

After 8 months of holding our breath through threatened SAG strikes and wondering over the flamboyant Lafayette’s fate, HBO‘s True Blood had it’s second season premier on Sunday June 14, 2009. After waiting two more days to find out what the ratings numbers were, HBO today released the BIG BIG BIG number! True Blood 2.01 had 3.7 million viewers and was “the most watched HBO program since The Sopranos season finale on 6/10/07″!

Sunday’s 9:00 pm airing was up 157% in comparison to the series’ premiere and 51% in comparison to the first season finale which drew 2.4 million viewers. Including the 11:00 pm airing, True Blood had 5.1 million viewers, also the largest Sunday gross audience for the series.

Last year we heard that the show was renewed by the third episode, can we hope to hear THIS WEEK that there will be a season 3??? Stay tuned it’s going to be a WILD ride!

Here are the rest of the numbers from last season (Except Episode 11):

09 Nov. , “I Don’t Wanna Know”:
TRUE BLOOD (HBO 50 minutes) Episode 10 1.4/2 HH 1.3/3 A18-49
Estimated viewership: 2.47 million

02 Nov 2008 “Plaisir D’Amour”
TRUE BLOOD (HBO 54 minutes) Episode 9 1.3/2 HH 1.2/3 A18-49
Estimated viewership: 2.28 million

26 Oct 2008 The Fourth Man in the Fire:
TRUE BLOOD (HBO 56 minutes) Episode 8:(A18-49:1.0; HH:1.1; V:2,075,000)

19 October 2008 Burning House of Love:
TRUE BLOOD (HBO 53 minutes) Episode 7:(A18-49:1.1/3; HH:1.2/2; V:2,098,000)

12 October 2008 Cold Ground:
TRUE BLOOD (HBO) Episode 6: (A18-49: 0.9/2; HH: 1.0/2 V:1,820,000)

5 October 2008 Sparks Fly Out:
TRUE BLOOD (HBO) Episode 5: (A18-49: ???/2; HH: ???/2)

28 September 2008 Escape From Dragon House:
“True Blood” (HBO) Episode 4: (A18-49: ???/2; HH: ???/2)

21 September 2008 Mine!:
True Blood” (HBO) Episode 3: 1.82 million viewers (A18-49: 0.9/2; HH: 1.1/2)

14 September 2008 The First Taste:
True Blood” (HBO) Episode 2: 1.81 million viewers (A18-49: 0.9/2; HH: 1.1/2)

7 September 2008 Strange Love:
True Blood” (HBO) Episode 1: 1.42 million viewers (A18-49: 0.6/2; HH: .8/2)