True Blood Season 2: Second Sneak Peek Promo Video

May 9, 2009 by  

sexys2billOk if you think the first True Blood season 2 promo video done to the Bob Dylan song was hot then this one is going to put everyone on FIRE!!! Here is a brand new season 2 video promo for True Blood.  Can HBO make us go anymore crazy waiting for season two to begin on June 14?

  • Carlos

    Really!!! This is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nia

    Is HBO trying to kill us with this 2nd version? Because the anticipation certainly will. It is amazing. Stephen looks so incredibly sexy in the opening shot. OMG!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    OMG Alexander u are wayyyy to hot!!! this was way better than the first!

  • Do I see Lorena in the video doing the same “come with me” move as she did in Season 1 Ep. 5? What does it mean and what is going to happen?! Oh the anticipation is going to kill us!!!!