True Blood Season 2: Some Vampires Not Ready to Come Out

May 22, 2009 by  

bccoffinVampire Andrew takes a looks on his Blood Copy blog the hesitation that many vampires have about “coming out of the coffin” to mainstream.   Many fear that once humans know that they are vampires they fear that their existence may be put into jeopardy.  Really if someone wants to take a vampire out all they have to do is wait until daylight and drive a stake through them.  No wonder they are nervous to let human know too much about them.

Vampire Andrew states that the many who have let themselves be known and live among humans as every night citizens should be admired.  For as Vampire Andrew says there are many who live and work with human and keep their true identity covered.  Vampires by nature don’t like to share their secrets with outsiders but since humans are willing to make strides in the area of acceptance, vampires are too trying to do the same.  As Vampire Andrew says it will take time and eventually humans will know that they will need to know.  However this makes me wonder what is Vampire Andrew talking about.  What is it that vampires know that we humans don’t?  Why does everything with vampires have too be so “cloak and dagger” like?  Perhaps we will find out soon enough, but in the meantime express your views on Vampire Andrew’s Blood Copy blog and let him really know how would you react if you found out that your neighbor or favorite celebrity was a vampire.

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