True Blood Season 2 Spoiler News: What’s Coming Up Next

August 25, 2009 by  

bill-sookie-ericSPOILER ALERT! If you do not wish to know what is going to happen, then do not read any further, you have been warned.  With only two episode left in season 2 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood,  we are still getting little bits of teaser information about what we are going to still see.  Watch with Kristin from E!Online reports that Anna Paquin recently spoke briefly about what we can expect to see in the final episodes of season two.

Anna stated several key points that will have True Blood fans anxiously waiting to see the remaining episodes.  It seems that we may see some more dream sequences with Sookie fantasying about Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) after he tricked her into drinking his blood.

“She drank his blood, so now she has really vivid sexual fantasies about him. I guess that’s how it works,” Anna said. “Because in season one after she drinks Bill‘s [Stephen Moyer] blood, she has a moment outside of his house…She’s kind of sitting there by herself having a little touch and feel,” she reminded us.”

There is also going to be some interesting drama happening when Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood) gets involved in the next episode…especially in the sex department. When asked the identity of the queen’s sex partner(s), Anna‘s lips were sealed. “I like my job,” she said coyly.  This should prove to be interesting indeed.

Anna mentioned that it is the emotional scenes that make her feel more exposed then doing the nude scenes.

“To me, I feel more naked doing a really emotional scene than being naked in front of a bunch of people, because that’s really me,” Anna said about being vulnerable in front of the camera. “You have to trust that no one is going to judge you, or be mean, or tell you how stupid you look when you cry.”

Also Anna mentioned that Charlaine Harris will make her cameo appearance in the season finale.  One interesting point that Anna makes is “now that it [True Blood] is no longer true to the plot of the books, Charlaine loves the suspense when she watches the show.”

As to whether we have seen the end of the madness going on in Bon Temps Anna states:

“It’s obviously getting weirder,” admitted Anna about this season. “And it’s gonna get weirder still,” she teased.”

Don’t forget Episode 11, “Frenzy” airs this Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 9pm on HBO and the season finale, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” will air Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 9pm on HBO.

SOURCE:  Watch witrh Kristin on E!Online

(Photo credit: Jamie Trueblood/HBO; John P. Johnson/HBO; Jamie Trueblood/HBO via E!Online)

  • Donna

    I would just like to know when season 2 will be released to DVD.

    • antonio

      Probably At Least 6 Months

  • Milez

    Erics Blood runs through sookie now. Thats how he knows whats what!
    And Eric selling V, thats a big no no! And I hope bill does keep his promise of telling the Queen about it. BUT, during the preview for the next show, Eric and the Queen are getting it on, so i dont think Bill has what it takes to manage Eric away from Sookie, and I dont think sam merllotte Dies either. I think Bill uses what the Queen told him, that “she thinks she is a god” And has transformed into one, but can be brought down easily.

    • Missyella

      I think Bill is bluffing and won’t tell the Queen, because I think she already knows and Eric being a Sheriff, makes him Bill’s superior.

      Eric’s face was as expressionless, so you had no idea if he was at all worried.

      Looking forward to season 3.

      Not sure about Hadley, the Queen seemes surprised when Bill mentioned the name Sookie in her presence. What is oing on there I wonder????

      Sam was so sweet this episode, but he needs a Woman who is strong, I would have thought it might have been Tara, not sure how the Eggs situation is going to play out (and Sam being a Shifter, should not phase her at all), after what she has been through, then Maryann practically blaming her for the trouble they/the people of Bon Temps are facing.

      • Jessica

        I think that the Queen was more surprised that Bill was feeding off only Sookie than anything else. I’m not sure if you’ve read the books, but Bill is tighter with the Queen than you may believe!

        Can’t wait until Sunday, I’m dying to see Maryann die or go away. She is utterly annoying and a complete psycho. Worse than Dahmer!

  • Missyella

    I am still trying to fathom how Eric knew that Sookie had received Bill’s Blood after the beating she took from the Rattrays, (do you think he had been flying, the Book alluded to this while she was in Hospital after the pounding she took from Rene, that she saw him hovering outside her Window, or could she have been halucinating??), even more how dies Bill know that Eric is using Lafayette to sell V, questions, questions??????

    Do you not all agree that Alex/Eric looked good in a Dress, of course we know that he would having has played a Transexual in the past, but this was so beguiling, especially as he looked directly to Camera.

    • pbartteacher

      Well we haven’t officially found out how he knew about the blood exchange but in my opinion is that the Queen told Eric about the blood exchange. I am sure that the Queen is getting reports from Bill about Sookie. From last night’s episode we found out that Bill already knows Hadley . Sounds like a familiar plot line people from the books for those of you who don’t know.

      When Bill arrived at Lafayette’s house last week, he over heard the co-ed and Lafayette talking about the V sale. Remember vampires have highly sensitive senses. That is why Bill was so upset with Lafayette when he arrives. Lafayette says don’t talk to me about the V talk to your boy Eric. Now why is Eric selling the V. Perhaps the Queen has ordered him to that. Time will tell with that p-lot line.

      Guys in dresses really don’t do much for me. Personally, I enjoyed the designer suit he had on in this weekend’s episode: Frenzy! Yummy Swexy Swede.

  • Val

    Well after last nights episode-everything is up for grabs! I was equal parts dismayed,incredulous,unhappy and just plain WTF!?
    I hope we will see some of the old Eric from the books,but who knows!? As long as he still plays a big part in season 3 I will be happy! I know everyone says the main focus is and will always be Bill and Sookie,but I can hope and DREAM can’t I?
    The worst part will be WAITING!!!!!!!!

    • BLF

      Val, you nailed it and said everything I wanted to say. I am so not sure on what changes are being made from what i love from the books to the show.

      The waiting will be the worst part… thank goodness for DVRs and DVDs

  • Milez

    I have not read the books, but I would really like to know what exactly Sookie is.. Eric mentions that she is not Human, but does not know what she is yet. who ever knows, tell me!

    • pbartteacher

      We find out in the later books that Sookie has fairy blood. As far as Eric knowing what she is, we will have to wait and see. In the books, he doesn’t know. Not until much, much later.In Alan Ball’s world everything is fair game. Hey, you never know maybe we will find out tonight. Vampires are attracted to fairies because they smell so sweet to them. Fairy blood has a different taste too. Sookie is almost irresistible to any vampire she meets. Even Pam stated, “I’m beginning to see what all the fuss is about.” Obviously, humans have no idea. Steve Newlin’s quote “What do they all see in you?” you evil whore of Satan.

      • Missyella

        Very interesting, Fairy Blood, I am assuming when she placed her Hand on Maryann’s face there was a glow, that this would be leading to something else for Sookie.

        Now that you mention it Steve Newlin did ask out loud what her attraction was to the Vampires.

        I am eagerly awaiting ep 23 now, hope to watch it online tomorrow.

      • Val

        Yah Steve N really has a turn of phrase doesn’t he?

    • Theresa

      She is part fairy but who knows if that is what AB will be proclaiming in the series. This is from the books.

  • Milez

    The Books are just used as a “guide” for the show. All the actors read the first book and that was it, because they are not recreating the books towards the show.. Thats whats great about this show.. It is a guide from the books.. Alan Ball is very creative and smart! As for Bill, it seems like he will be forced to let Sookie go for payment to save Bon Temps. Bill is the main character in this show, along wit Sookie obviously.

  • Missyella

    Yes you are right Mony, Lorena will kidnap Bill and keep him hostage (Sookie and Eric coming to his rescue). Bill ravenous and out of his mind through lack of Blood rapes Sookie!!!!! By this time Sookie and Rric are together in all but legal marraige (they have a Vampire wedding/marraige of sorts) at least in the Book. So we shall see what Allan Ball does next season, I for one cannot wait. Although we will all have to sigh!!!!!!

  • Sookie can have Eric…That leaves Hottie Bill, to get with some other lucky women!!! I could go for that… I’m not a Bill..Sookie or a Eric..Sookie, kinda gal..I don’t really care??! What ever?? I just am lovin my Vampire Bill, with any gal…Tara?? Arlene?? Any of the new ones,(I have no idea about?)since, I don’t have HBO?? It’s all good….

  • Mony

    Is Ball followes the books as I think al the things gonne be worst than this for Bill…
    I wanna see Eric and Sookie get together as in Harris’ novels…they really love each others,doesn’t care if they say I love you or not…when love is in the air you know it…they are a funny couple…they seems to be maried for a all life by tha way they fight and make peace..I love them…
    is not that I hate Bill…just I think Eric is better…even in the books…and in teh show..OMG!!

  • jerrica

    ive read in the books sookie breaksup with bill,and does end up hooking up with eric.i think its all a sexual fling though.but i hope the show goes by the books it would be exciting to sookie and eric hook up.

  • Cathy

    I think it may be Eric. He and Bill both know ‘someone’ who might help and the queens bodyguards do say to Bill ‘the queen is expecting you’…though he may have called ahead.
    All I know is how awesome does ep11 look. I can’t wait!

  • JK

    I think it is Sookies cousin who is the queens partner

  • Liz

    If Allan Ball goes by the book it will be worse than that.

  • Jane

    Blimey when you put it that way it sounds like Bills going to betray Sookie by getting with the Queen…*blinks*, surely not!

    • spoontable

      surely not indeed.. the Queen is gay

    • Di

      yeah i was going to mention that the queen was gay. but it’s so cute how anna answers ‘i like my job’ when asked a spoiler question. we certainly like her job too, so don’t try to trick her! :p