True Blood Season 2 Spoiler: Photo from Episode 11

August 24, 2009 by  

sophie-ann-and-bill-true-bloodSPOILER ALERT! Here is a photo from True Blood Episode 11, Frenzy that seems to create more questions then answers as to what is happening between the Queen and Bill Episode 10 left off with Bill leaving Sookie in Bon Temps in mayhem, while he went to seek advice from the one vampire who may know how to defeat Maryann.

Now when we look at this photo we are left wondering why is Bill lounging around a swimming pool?  Is he just relaxing and taking it easy as Sookie and the remaining sane people left in Bon Temps try to defend themselves against Maryann?  Or is Sophie-Anne playing some type of game with Bill that will ultimately cause him to owe her back in a big way?   Now we have to wait a week but, by looking at this photo it seems like it is going to be devilishly delightful.


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