True Blood Season 2 Spoiler: Season Finale Sneak Peek Video

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bill-season-finaleHBO has released the official True Blood Season 2 season finale sneak peek video to drive True Blood fans crazy with anticipation.  Now we have to wait until Sunday, September 13 to find out what is going to happen, but most of all, what is going to be the cliffhanger that is going to have us biting our nails until Season 3 returns in the summer of 2010.  Watch the video and see if you can tell what is happening.  One question that I have from the clip is what is Tara carry? The nest with the egg in it? And what is she going to do with it?  Until the season finale enjoy the video and let the speculations begin. Click play and then double click the screen to enlarge.


  • phabmir- Thank you,uvmjioa.Great site.

  • BLF


    We made it.
    In about 12 hours time (east coast) we will be watching the season finale of TB and all the spectulation for this episode will end. Though we will have 9 months of POV to discuss here before season 3 🙂

    I just want to say it has been a pleasure reading and posting with y’all (even the one negative nelly who happens to post with the name of the FOTS suicide bomber).

    Happy viewing tonight!

    • Hi BLF,

      That poster has been warned and those types of comments WILL NOT be tolerated on this site. I have enjoyed reading the comments people post here and deeply appreciate that the fact that most people are able to maintain lively discussions without name-calling and can agree to disagree in a respectable manner. To you all of you thank you. We want to maintain such level of decorum so everyone feels safe and comfortable to comment here without feeling they will be attacked.

  • Shayne

    You said:
    “And I am interested in hearing your argument. I am a Bill AND Eric fan, and actually didn’t think even the book reason Bill had for going to Sookie was so bad, but you make it sound like he will be even more sympathetic in the show. If so, how do you think AB will work the Eric storyline in? I think it’ll be hard, going forward, to follow the book plots at all if Sookie and Bill are still together… so I think they’ll likely have to break up (at least temporarily). Do you have a theory on why (and whether) that will happen?”

    Okay, keep in mind, this is only me making my best guess, and I am very much a Bill/Sookie shipper, so I could just be guilty of seeing what I want to see.

    Having made my disclaimer, here goes nothin’. 🙂

    First of all, I’m not entirely convinced that AB is going to go with the idea that Bill knew about Sookie right from the beginning. For one thing, if you’re the queen, and you’re going to pick someone to go ‘undercover’ for you, it seems as if it would make a lot more sense to get someone who a) isn’t soft on humans, b) has some understanding of humans, and c) has an actual talent for deceit. In the first couple of episodes Bill doesn’t seem to have any idea how to deal with people, outside of falling back on manners and customs that are 150 years old. And he has a big mouth that he runs off at the worst times, and has the crappiest poker face I’ve ever seen. He’s not exactly spy material. And the justification that was used in the book – that he grew up in Bon Temps – seems exceedingly weak, since it’s not like he’s going to know anyone in the present. There’s also the fact that, practically the minute he gets Sookie in his sights, he runs off with the Rattrays for a snack. That doesn’t seem like a guy on a mission, to me.

    Next, there’s this: in episode 1.04, when Sookie meets Eric for the first time, he would seem to know absolutely nothing about her. The next time he turns up, in Bill’s tub in 1.08, he says “You didn’t think you could keep her all to yourself, did you, Bill?” in such a way that it sounds like he knows exactly what she can do. And later, at Fangtasia, Sookie says to Eric, “I know what you can do,” and Eric says, “And we know what you can do, too.” It could mean nothing, but the fact that he seems to know, rather than be guessing, suggests to me that maybe, at some point between 1.04 and 1.08, he went to Sophie-Ann the same way he just did in 2.11, and told her about this strange girl he just met. In the books, Hadley seemed like a real social climber, divulging information about Sookie in order to get in good with the queen. But that doesn’t seem to be the way Hadley’s being played on the show. She seems sweet and innocent, and not at all like she just sold her cousin down the river to win favor with Sophie-Ann. So, and I know it would be a bit of a coincidence, I’m wondering if maybe Sophie-Ann could have glamored the info out of Hadley instead of her willingly giving it up, and then tried to get Bill in on the action after he already knew her, because, of course, Eric certainly would have mentioned that Bill was with Sookie. If Bill was pulled in after the fact that would make him look a lot better, in my opinion, cuz it’s obvious that he’s not able to say no to the queen. Then, he’s between a rock and a hard place, and it would look bad that he hasn’t told Sookie yet, but not as bad as if he knew all along.

    Third, it seems rather odd that Sophie-Ann would send Bill undercover in Eric’s area without telling Eric. If she didn’t trust Eric, that would make some sense, but the previews for the finale indicate that she’s got something going on with Eric, be it business or pleasure I’m not sure, but it seems as if she does trust him enough to tell him to put a lid on Bill’s curiosity about something she’s got going. If she trusts Bill enough to send him to seduce Sookie, I would assume that means she trusts him a lot, and if she trusts him, I would think she’d just warn him away from whatever it is herself. The fact that she’d choose to go through Eric instead makes me think that she doesn’t want Bill to know that she’s up to something at all, never mind what it is.

    Fourth, how did Eric know that Bill gave Sookie his blood the night the Rattrays nearly killed her? The fact that he knows, and Bill has no idea how he knows, suggests that something more is going on. It also suggests to me that Bill is about to get hosed.

    Fifth, Bill goes and tells the queen that Bon Temps is about to implode, and instead of telling him what he needs to know and letting him get back, she jerks him around and acts like she doesn’t give a hoot about what goes on there. She says, “Don’t worry, you’d know if Sookie was in trouble,” but the problem is, if Sookie gets in trouble during the day that means that Bill is that much farther away from being able to help her when night falls. For someone who supposedly went to so much trouble to set up Sookie as an asset, she sure doesn’t seem to care all that much about her safety. Or she just doesn’t want Bill to know how much interest she really does have.

    To go along with that, most of ep 2.11 seemed to be filler. Sookie laying on the floor with Mike Spencer? Totally unneccessary. Jason and Andy breaking into the sheriff’s station? Could have been a lot shorter. Coby and Lisa and Sam going to visit Eric? Again, could have been shorter. And yet, here’s this new, interesting character who we hardly get to see, and when we do, she’s jerking Bill’s chain and not saying a whole lot of anything interesting or useful. Bill was there for a ton of time that we didn’t get to see, and because so much of the rest seemed so superfluous, it makes it seem like showing so little of the queen was deliberate – that we got to see just enough to lead us to believe what AB has to know almost everyone knows about by now, so that he can change it up later.

    Sixth, if they had set Eric up in a position to look better in the face of Bill looking worse, I’d be more convinced that AB was going to follow the books on this one. But not only does Eric not look better than he has previously on the show, they’ve made him a lot darker than he was in the books, too, and not nearly as affectionate with Sookie. But Bill has continually been built up to look way better than he did in the books. Almost every change to Bill’s character has placed him more and more firmly in the role of hero. For AB to choose to follow the books now, and make Bill look bad on this one point, it would in effect be throwing away everything he’s done up to this stage to make Bill the good guy, because it would throw everything Bill’s done before this into total doubt, all for the sake of a single shock. And going for the quick shock seems like cheap storytelling to me, and totally beneath AB.

    Okay, there’s most of my reasons for thinking AB won’t follow the books, but this is getting really long so I should probably stop soon.

    I honestly don’t think Bill and Sookie need to be broken up in order for most of the storylines to happen. Bill was gone near the end of season one in the show just like he was in the books, but for a totally different, and much more valid reason. (AB even gave a shout-out to the book when Sookie said to Sam, “If Bill is more interested in vampire politics than he is in being with me…”) I’m sure he can manage to get the characters to where they need to be. Or, like when he had Bill kill Longshadow instead of Eric, he could just have Bill step into certain parts that Eric would have done. From the sounds of some of the things the actors have said in interviews, it sounds as if Eric might be getting his own storyline next year, outside of what happens in book 3, so who knows how much the show will diverge from the books next year? There’s also the fact that a break-up, temporary or not, without a good reason will likely come off as cheesy and cheap. The whole on-again/off-again thing has become such a cliche on television the last ten years or so, I really hope AB doesn’t go there. It’s not necessary to create conflict, and he’s got tons of ways to keep people tuning in without resorting to it. Bill makes a comment to Sookie in 2.02, after they’ve just had make-up sex, that they wouldn’t want to be “one of *those* couples” (the ones who keep breaking up and getting back together). It’s such a knowing comment about the cliche itself that I’m really hoping it’s AB’s way of saying that he’s not going to go there. But again, that could just be me seeing what I want.

    Anyway, I think I’m done now. 🙂 Do you have any theories you’d care to share? I’d love to hear them?

    • Constance

      The whole “on again off again” thing is not done in the books either…when Sookie ended it with Bill, as of the last book, they still had not got back together. So AB wouldn’t have to do that. And they wouldn’t be “one of those couples”. Sookie is fiercly loyal and when she is done…she’s done. I admired her for that in the books. She is more independent in the books as well, she kicks butt and sometimes gets herself in a little too deep! The term “stubborn as a mule” comes to mind at times! LOL

      I think as you said…it boils down to if you are die hard Bill/Sookie or Eric/Sookie.

      I don’t know how AB will play it all out….I don’t think there will be the history of Eric and the Queen, because she clearly states in episode 11, that she has only been into women for a very long time, so that goes against that…that’s giving Eric even more irristability…even the women who want women can’t resist him!! I can see that! 🙂

      I actually picked up and felt as though the queen had a thing for Bill, that is why she was keeping him there….and it’s obvious she has known about Sookie for a while. Also, Bill had a pretty guilty look on his face when Sophie Ann said “I will want to meet her”…as if he wasn’t so surprised by the remark.

      At this point, it can be played so many ways, I think that is what AB is leaving as the cliffhanger…we’ll have to wait to see what next season has in store for our Sookie and our sexy vampires…oh and add some weres in the mix as well!

      • Shayne

        I’m not saying it was done in the books, I’m saying that it’s done on tv a lot. And since AB has said that Bill and Sookie’s relationship will stay a focus of the show, it seems as if his choices for doing that are either going to be keep them together, or do the on-again/off-again thing. There’s also the fact that SM has a contract – 7 years, I believe – so they can’t write him out of the show the way CH wrote him out of the books.

        With respect to the books, I’d say that it seems as if Sookie isn’t quite as done with Bill as she might have thought. The end of Dead and Gone makes me think he’s still in contention for her affections.

        The queen could have been generalizing about not liking men. Or the thing with Eric could be a one-off. I think I read something about the queen’s sexuality being ‘ambiguous’, or something like that.

        I read the look on Bill’s face more as worry than guilt. They say that Sophie-Ann is dangerous and a little bit crazy, and Bill doesn’t want Sookie to be hurt. Also, I thought the queen had more of a big sister/little brother vibe with Bill, despite the “Shall we have sex?” line. She certainly teased and tormented him like a big sister would tease a little brother. But I also thought she might have been a bit disdainful of him, and the way he chooses to live his life.

        I have to agree with you on that last point. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that he manages to leave the thing with Bill and the queen ambiguous until some later time, so that no one knows for sure what’s going on. I’m going to go crazy with the waiting.

  • Loleaf

    I love both Allen & Charlaine’s imagination and their writing styles. When True Blood first came on I had no idea it was based on books until later in the season(that’s what I get for not reading the credits, huh)! Thus started the fascination and addiction that I have today for the series and books. Charlaine and Alan have outdone themselves in such a way that they make it hard for us to pick out favorite vampire. I myself am torn..When the series started I was a Bill lover. Then after season 1 ended I bought the books and read them all over the break. Then it happened and all hell broke loose, at that time I became an Eric lover too!! I feel like I am in a love triangle myself!! They both are completely different entities(the series and books that is), where series Bill is more sincere and sweet and book Bill is at times sarcastic and can be somewhat rude at times(not always to be fair.)But as the books go on Bill does get written out a bit and does protect her with no thought for his own life. Eric in the book is much like he is in the series except for the fact that in the book he not Bill staked Longshadow. Also, he has no problems coming on to Sookie trying to get her to come to him freely. Sookie seems more open to the book Eric that the series character. IMO!! She has no problems going or calling Fangtasia to talk to him when she needs to.. That’s what turned me onto Eric in the books, he seems like he is always there for her when she needs him. I love the two entities (The books and the show)!! They are an addiction and I have read the books numerous times and still aren’t tired of them along with On-Demand viewings of True Blood my daily fix is fulfilled. I highly recommend reading them during the break!!! If you don’t want to spoil anything just read the first two books and compare for yourself.. Then read the other books after each corresponding season. I bet you will be torn like I am!! If you thought that the dream scene with Eric and Sookie was HOT, that is nothing compared to the scenes in the books between the two of them.. Can you say SHOWER SCENE!!! I knew you could….