True Blood Season 2 Spoiler: Season Finale

August 28, 2009 by  

anna-stephen-sookie-billSPOILER ALERT! Michael Ausiello from presents some information about the season finale from Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  Michael says the following:

“The latest episode of Ausiello TV contains a scoop about the Sept. 13 season finale straight from the show’s notoriously tight-lipped creator, Alan Ball. (He doesn’t deliver it on camera himself, but I assure you it came from him. Seriously!).”

Now watch the video closely, from the beginning to the end, and let me know what you think. 😉  It will definitely make you think OMG for a spit second!  Click here to watch the video.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • antonio

    I really do not care to read spoiler info,I’d rather wait and be surprised like everyone else. I can’t believe No new episodes until June 2010??! I’m gonna miss this how like crazy!!
    I heard Sam Trammel say on cable news that they’ll probably begin shooting in Dec. What can I say about this show? I got hooked and now i’m an addict!!…LOL Its’ pretty potent stuff!
    Like My own brand of heroin to borrow a phrase from Edward Cullen of Twilight. It’s really riveting tv!! It’s captivating and visceral and the writing is great The Best show on tv i think!! Perhaps Youtube will put some behind the scenes,deleted ones or maybe bloopers to tide us over to June??
    Thanks to Alan Ball Steph Anna Sam Ryan and the cast for a wonderful season!! I look forward to more!!

  • Jess

    I still believed that Eric was going to die until I read the comments on here :S :L

  • Terri Hurt

    WOW!!! If they did kill off Eric it would ruin the show and that isn’t gonna happen!!!!

    • lemor davidovici

      it wont ruin the show if the writers put in the tv show true blood that eric & bill have a twin brother then the tv show will be better than ever because then the people who watch true blood will see who is the better vampire & who is the better human !.

  • Missyella

    Eric will not be killed off, he is Sookie’s true love, (though a few men will come and go in her life, according to the Books). The main problem for Bill, will be the Queen and Lorena his Maker. I think Sam and Tara should be together, Eggs, there is more to him I think than just being Maryann’s killer in the black eyed trance. Michael Ausiello’s piece was hilarious, I am sure that EVERYONE was watching the Monitor, featuring my favourite couple for ever. (love) Only for Sookie as Eric says!!!!!!!!! Eric is Pam’s maker, so I do not think there will be any romantic interest there, especially as she is a Lesbian!!!!

    • lemor davidovici

      if pam is a lesbian she would be perfect for the queen !! i just wish the whole cast of true blood would be at the borders or barnes & noble bookstore at las vegas nv seeing the cast of true blood would be great i would love it very much !!! specially when the tv show true blood wont come back til june 2010.

  • lemor davidovici

    it’s too bad for eric that in the book & maybe on the tv show true blood that he may get killed off he looks good to be with pam because in true blood like he said to bill she’s loyal but lazy & bill looks good with sookie & if the writers put it in the tv show bill looks good also with the queen.

  • Val

    Boy that had me going for a MOMENT! Losing the Viking god would have done it for me! I loved the black eyes and the pie tho and the screen showing Eric and Sookie was great too!As Sookie said “you are a great big faker!”

  • pbartteacher

    I love how Michael Ausiello always plays with the viewers minds. His interviews are always so playful and sometimes informative. He always asks the questions that the viewers want answers for. I loved the whole eating the pie thing, the black eyes and the assistant vibrating. Michael is an avid fan of the True Blood series and it is apparent in his video piece that he’s not going to be giving us any spoilers about the finale except about Sam. Ultimate sacrifice. Does Sam finally out himself to the community? I say yes. Not a death sacrifice. Telling everyone he is a shape shifter is equal to dying in Sam’s eyes. That has been a very well kept secret since arriving to Bon Temps. I wanna see Tara’s eyes after finding out about that little tid bit. Can anyone say puppies?

  • me

    That was so wrong, I was so excited about finally seeing something about the final episode and then this crap…… come on who are they going to kill?

  • Lynn

    Ahahahahaha!!! hilarious!!! He had me going there for a minute, but then I saw the eyes.

  • jjeenie

    Speaking as a true ‘Spoiler’ lover, this was indeed a treat! I am now going into ‘Shut Down’ mode for the rest of the night…

  • SamCate

    Almost threw my computer…. then released a giant sigh. Love how he toyed with us

  • Tams


  • cgp

    That was fantastic! I love what was playing on his computer screen the whole time too. Well done Ausiello.

  • TruEricFan

    OMG…I actually cussed out Alan Ball for a minute there! LOL