True Blood Season 2 Spoiler Video: Episode 10 “New World In My View”

August 17, 2009 by  

jason-stackhouse-season-2The True Blood Season 2 Episode 10, “New World In My View” video promo has come out and what Alan Ball has in store for us is going to drive True Blood fans crazy with anticipation.  With only 3 more episode left, each week the intensity of the events are going to slowly reach a fever pitch that will definitely leave True Blood fans drained and feeling a sense of withdrawal knowing that we will all have to wait till the summer of 2010 to see Season 3.  Till then savor every moment as if it was your last drop of water because it is going to be a long drought. Click play and then double click the screen to enlarge.

  • melanie

    i loved episode 9!…really sad that godric died…loved his charater…very appealing. just loved that eric had a sly smile when sookie was sucking the bullet out of his chest..funny!…can’t wait for the next episode…very intense?….who is eric biting with his shirt off??…hmm??!

  • Val

    Well-agree with all comments,especially-Eric naked and Godric gone!I did read an interview with AB that said he is trying to rush the next season to MAYBE May?!? That would be SO GREAT!!! I think writing and commenting and SCREAMING at him might help to light a fire under him!!!!!!!!

  • Abby

    There is no doubt the wait is excrutiating just to get to the next Sunday. To have to wait a year…gosh I just don’t know how I will survive the wait-truly I don’t.

    For now, I watch DVD of season 1, I have HBO on Demand (a blessing) so I watch all previous season 2 eps, I have preordered the DVD set for season 2…I have read all the books and have begun to read them again…

    So-Nope even re-reading and re-watching will not disapate the anticipation, the desperation for a new eps to escape to.

    There is a bit of hope, Charlain Harris has a new book coming out in the in between time.

    Mr. Ball and HBO, why are the seasons only 12 episodes. There are seasons that have twice that many or at least more than 12, does the filming take up so much time, so you can only show 12, is it money (if it is-Pay up HBO!)? Please take into consideration of offering us more True Blood…or at least let season three start sooner, a lot sooner.

    Either way…the show is absolutely amazing. It a once in a life time treat to be apart (the viewing part that is) of something so completely astounding, your creativity in the story and characters, the casting…all fantastic.

    The saying about when a person was being created they skipped the virtue of patience line because it was too long… that is SOoooooooo me. Please don’t make us wait long…its torture.

    • sweetwhysper

      I agree, the year wait is going to suck, big time. Prior to season 2 starting, I re-read the 2nd book and tried to pick out things I thought might make it into the story line…it gave me something to do lol…I do have to say I was ecstatic that they didn’t kill off Lafayette, aside from Eric, he’s my favorite character on the show!

  • vorpax

    I think we need to right hbo and ask for them to do less episodes more often (al la monk). When fans expressed an outrage over waiting for a year for burn notice Usa listened and turned burn notice in to 6-8 episodes every 3 mos.

    • vorpax

      oops write

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  • Tonyadee

    Icecream with a cherrie on top…yummie is right…

    • Eric naked I’ll have to admit was YUMMY!!!!! But really bummed that Godric was killed off.

      • caseyrenee

        im so pissed that godric is dead. he was awesome. that episode was so intense it made me cry!!!

  • Tams

    Come on people, AB is far from stupid, he knows how to keep us coming back and watching reruns and buying the DVD’s…..and we will all be back…….And Eric naked and smiling was like dishing out 2 scoops of ice cream……..Yummmmmmmm

  • Jane

    Knew it would be Summer ’10, but, it is too long away! It really is! There is always hope with the acclaim Mr Ball is getting for this series he might move it forward, right?
    Someone start a petition to move it forward?! Lol.
    P.s Eric naked?!!!!!!!!?!! hmmm.

    • Tonyadee

      Eric Naked, that was the best show yet…I only wish they would show more of him…come on…show us everything…

  • ericeric!

    summer 2010? gosh y so late like dat?
    y not 2009?