True Blood Season 2: Spoilers with Alexander Skarsgard, Sookie, Maryann and Ashley Jones

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true-blood-season-2-maryann-party2Latest True Blood Season 2 spoiler news featuring tidbits about Alexander Skarsgard‘s character Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse, Maryann and Ashley Jones who plays Daphne.   These spoiler tidbits come from Michael Ausiello at who answers a readers question about Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood which returns for Season 2 on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 9PM/ET on HBO.  Instead of rewriting it let me present it to you it its original content so no changes occurs in the interpretation.

Question: Since you’ve seen the first four True Blood episodes of season 2, is there anything you can share? — Sanna
They’re bloody fangtastic! (Never. Gets. Old.) Seriously, season 2 — premiering June 14 — gets off to a thrilling, gory, scary, sexy, disgusting, funny, suspenseful start. Alan Ball would drive a wooden stake through my heart if I spoiled any of the big twists (i.e. my lips are sealed about the fate of a certain flamboyant vampire blood dealer), but here are a few juicy morsels to whet your appetite:

•    There are three orgies, all of them powered by Maryann‘s (Michelle Forbes) aphrodisiac fairy dust.
•    Alexander Skarsgard‘s Nordic vamp has an extremely homoerotic encounter with a character who shall remain nameless. In related news, there are about two dozen gratuitous shirtless shots in the first four episodes, all of them belonging to either Mechad Brooks (Tara’s new BF, Eggs) or Ryan Kwanten (Jason).
•    Sookie has a very revealing conversation with a new character in episode 4.
•    If you’re wondering what secret Merlotte’s newest waitress (played by Ashley Jones) is harboring, a clue can be found on her skin.

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  • bernie

    I have high hopes for season just hope Eric is not destroyed ,in the book he is a stud for the ladies sorry fellas.

  • Soo

    I’m blown away by the furor of people who want this fictional character to encompass only their vision, especially when their vision isn’t encompassing the creator’s vision (Charlaine Harris or Alan Ball). First, the vamps in the Sookieverse are pansexual for the most part – and if your food source was wrapped up in your sexuality you probably would be too. Yes, some vamps are more homo or het than others, but for the most part it is repeated over and over in the books that “living several centuries seems to rid the vamps of sexual stereotype hang ups.” So folks, while you’re going on about Eric not fitting your “vision” of Eric, try to remember whose vision you’re mourning (your own). Chill and settle in to play wait and see – you might find you end up liking where it goes in the end. Alexander Skarsgard seems to have a very good handle on the Eric character and he’s an adept actor. Wait, watch, enjoy, and see where it takes you.

    • Val

      Right again Soo-and like the words from and old song “if you can’t be with the one you love-love (and suck)the one you’re with”.Vampires are opportunistic feeder/lovers and we should just enjoy the RIDE!

  • Emily

    *book spoilers*

    I’m glad they’re putting in the orgy scenes because it stays true to the book series. In the book series, Eric shows up to Sookie’s house wearing bright blue skin-tight tights and a tight shirt, to accompany her to an orgy because she has to find out who Lafayette’s killer is, so they agree to go. Then, Sookie has to stand there in a weird kind of orgy scene in the book that really freaks her out, manead appears, ect. Eric was totally cool with orgies, so I always understood his character as being down with ANYTHING sexual. Mostly though, he’s got the hots for Sookie, and he went to protect her in a way-so begins the under-represented romance of Eric and Sookie.

    Plus, blood lust for vampires=desire=sexuality. The character of Eric would probably sleep with anyone.

  • Michele

    GOTTA be the orgy scene! I LOVE ERIC WITH SOOKIE! Hopefully Alan will take a page from the book..literally! Bill comes upon them if you remember…good stuff! Eric is my favorite! LOVE HIM! Can’t wait!

  • Team Eric

    I hope that means we will be seeing Eric in Pink lycra at the orgy scene!!!

  • Nia

    These little spoilers are just adding fuel to the fire. I cannot wait. I am not worried about anything that Alan Ball is deciding to do with the series. I am just glad he is doing it. I do not expect it to be the same as the books and no one else should either. I want to be surprised. As to Eric in a homoerotic scene. Come on ladies, could Eric ever look bad sexually? He exudes enough raw heat and sexuality to take on just about anything so don’t worry.

    • val

      took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!!!

  • crystal

    um…i hope that for the eric part they mean the orgy scene….it better be hahaha …..ha

    • val

      of course how could I forget the wonderful lycra-that must be what is gonna happen-AS said in the interview at the Paley party that he would love to wear the lycra if they put it in the script.All I can say to that is hopeahopeahope!

  • ani

    oh that scene with eric must be for the orgy, or maybe when he pretends to be someone else when he goes to dallas? but we will never know for sure until we see the episodes. its taking forever! lol

  • Alys

    Thank you andrea for stating what I was going to.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the scenes that AS is in, even the homoerotic ones. (in fact, bring ’em on!) If it sticks to the books at all, he and Eggs should have a short encounter anyway.

  • Many actors including Brad Pitt,”Interview with the vampire”Colin Farrell” A home at the End of The World” have portrayed homoerotic scenes. There was an intense amount of sexual heat in those scenes.Also in theory, if Eric was a Viking just as other soldiers who fought and traveled long term especially by sea there was no access to women for extended periods of times so male lovers would be a given. Not That people want to admit it but many historical figures who fought in Historical wars had male lovers.Also in the book eggs is taken with Eric at one of the orgies without the aphrodisiac.Personally The right chemistry between to characters can bring heat to the scene so instead of everyone being upset over the “possibilities” watch the show play out Alexander Skarsgard is a great actor and can hols his masculinity even in the heat of a homoerotic scene were unless you have issues with the subject to begin you might find quite enjoyable. The Show is “based” on the books it is not the script everyone is entitled to their opinion but at least try wait till the episodes air.

    • mel59

      Since i saw a preview scene where Eric says he’s been a vampire for a thousand years, I’m thinking the homoerotic thing is a retelling or flashback to when he was created by a male vampire who liked his men and used Eric for sex. Wasn’t this in one of the last two books?

      Also, I’m gonna be pissed about what looks to be a haircut for Eric! I’m hoping those were rehearsal scenes but i doubt it.

      Eric’s humor, telling the truth but not all of it, and his general relationship with Sookie are my favorite parts of the books. He’s so naughty.

      I didn’t mind the deviations during the first season but holy cow, stop the madness.

      This is my first post anywhere for this show, but darn it, i’m getting aggravated.

      Feel better now.


  • Sarah

    I agree will you all–I feel like the character of Eric is not even kind of true to the book–it disappoints me greatly!Super sad–his relationship with Sookie is my favorite part of the books!

  • mizmode

    I hope Tara is not in one of those orgy scenes but I have a feeling she is, because in one of the episode plotlines, it says something like Tara’s feelings for Eggs get’s interrupted by Maryann’s aphrodisiac fog and that’s in Ep. 3.

    Don’t want Tara turning into a slut. lol

    • val

      where are these plot-lines?

      • val

        never mind i found them!

  • val

    come on Alan we want Eric with women not men-give us fans a break!

    • hyperion

      speak for yourself…I say more Eric with MEN!

  • Louisianagirl29

    Please don’t have Alexander Skarsgard do any gay scenes! That’s not fair. What are you thinking Alan. I know that he was with his maker when he was made but he had to. Also, Sookie’s conversation is with Barry for episode 4. He is in the casting call for episode 4. I hope Alan sticks with the books for Eric’s character. Please!

  • Sarah

    All sounds good except for Eric and a homoerotic situration???? What? Makes no sense unless it is the orgy scene where he is pretending to be bi-sexual…

    • Melissa

      Well, Eric is going to reveal a little-known secret about Bill and himself. Perhaps they had some fun together?