True Blood Season 2: Spoilers and Cast News

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tbdrinkingTrue Blood season 2 spoiler and cast news reporting out from SpoilerTV today and as mentioned yesterday take the information with a grain of salt.  The first spoiler report states that Sookie finds another young Texan named Barry who can read minds just like her and they both get freaked out when they find out each other’s powers.  Now since you are already reading a spoiler you are warned regarding what I am about to say next:  Barry is in the book and yes he has telepathic abilities.  So there is a high probability that this spoiler is true but I will not say 100% because Alan Ball has the creative rights to the show and he can throw whatever twists and turns he wants into the show.

Another spoiler report is based upon the casting calls for two young Vikings who are from the 10 century AD.  The spoiler states that Eric fans may see in season 2 how he was first turned into a vampire.  This is not in the book, however it is not highly unlike because in season 1 we did see Bill Compton’s back story of how he became a vampire.

Another casting call has come out with some revision to two previous character casting calls.  There is an additional casting call for a character by the name of Gabe who is in his 30s to 40s.  He is described to be fit, military, big and built, and a member of  the Light Of Day Institute.  His role in the show is that of a drill instructor at a Boot Camp for vampire hunters. The individual who takes this part must have leather lungs and a Marine’s ferocious, remorseless demeanour.  This will be a recurring role.

There are two revisions to the characters Stan and Isabel.  Previously it was stated that they would have one line each however that has been changed to state that both will be recurring roles in season 2.

SOURCE:  SpoilerTV

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  • ahh .. waiting sucks. Season 2 premieres in a few weeks (in Germany)! … Ahhhhh

  • Vizzle

    In season 2 it has been confirmed that Eric will have some homoerotic tendencies towards a certain individual. I can only guess that the person will be the irresistible Lafayette. The preview for the second episode shows Lafayette telling Eric to turn him and I think he will. Maybe Lafayette will become more than just a play thing…

  • alyssa

    i wached the hole seasen of true blood,i just think theres to much adult contact to it,it would be better with out the adult contact!

  • When does the new season start???

    • Gogreen – HBO is saying mid-June but no exact date yet.

      • alyssa

        no,they did tell you its on june 14 stupid fricker!

  • angela robison

    i can’t wait for season 2!!!

    • apschall

      i watched the first episode of true blood because i was hooked on the twilight series books. i must say i was a little shocked at the content, but very quickly remembered the masterpiece show six feet under, also done by ball and was hooked immediately. i also started watching with my son(he’s 32)and everyone in my family is now counting the months when it returns.

  • Evelyn

    OMG (SPOILER…DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE BOOKS)….i can’t wait for eric’s back story (if it, in fact, happens). i hope allan ball is smart enough to know that many, many fans want to see more of ALEXANDER SKARSGARD (particularly modeling the book’s eric). i also love bill, but “book bill” changes & eric becomes the hero.

  • Belinda

    please please ‘bring back’ lafayette in S2. he was my favourite character