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300kwantenryan090508Hey guys, you want answers?? We got them. We scoured our sources to bring you the latest True Blood updates. Here is your warning in case you could not tell by the title.


OK,  folks you have officially been warned; feel free to enter at your own risk.  Now for what and and who is coming up on True Blood Kristin from E!Online gets answers from some of your favorite True Blood stars:

Eileen in Menlo Park, Calif.: Spill me some news on True Blood, especially about that gorgeous Jason Stackhouse.
True Blood star Ryan Kwanten tells us that Jason and his sister, Sookie, won’t be separated forever: “There will be [a reunion between the Stackhouse siblings] and quite an electric one, too, where we gang up for the greater good.”

Tim in Sarasota Springs, Fla.: When do we finally get to see this badass vampire Godric on True Blood?
We’ve been waiting patiently for this mysterious vampire-of-all-vampires too, and the wait is almost over. Godric (Allan Hyde) pops up in the July 19 episode, along with his lieutenants Stan (Eureka’s Ed Quinn) and Isabel (Valerie Cruz). Valerie tells us, Isabel runs with the Dallas vampires, but she kind of becomes friends with both Bill and Eric. And she likes Sookie. [Isabel] has a penchant for humans, and she’s sensitive to this love story they have.”

Lee in Terre Haute, Ind.: I need some True Blood info!
Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene, says, “The second-season finale is only two weeks after the end of the first season. Things get crazy in Bon Temps, Louisiana, I’ll tell you that.” Wait, Arlene doesn’t die, does she? “Not so far!”

Source: Watch with Kristin at E!Online

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