True Blood Season 2 Spoilers: More Plot Tidbits

August 27, 2009 by  

queen-sophie-anne-episode-11SPOILER ALERT!  DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!  Ok you have been warned.  With only 2 episodes left in season 2 of Alan Ball‘s highly successful HBO TV vampire series True Blood, you would think there would no more spoilers to give out.  Well it seems we are wrong as various cast members from the show shared some spoiler information about what we will be see in the remaining two episodes and answered some questions.  Recently they spoke with Jennifer Godwin from E!Online at the Nylon Magazine Party where they provided some insider information.

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynold) revealed some interesting information about the radiating light that appeared from Sookie‘s hand:

“Well, I read the books, so I think she’s part fairy. That was her fairy power.” According to Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton), “[Sookie‘s power] is a funky little thing,” but she also tells us the show won’t answer that question for certain any time in season two.”

When asked who is going to help Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) out of trouble, Tara Buck, who plays Fangtasia waitress Ginger said:

“We’ve got Sam (Sam Trammell) running from Maryann (Michelle Forbes), and he may actually…” Tara wants to keep her job, so she couldn’t tell us everything, but we have it good authority that he may actually seek refuge with Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam (Kristin Bauer) at Fangtasia in Shreveport, La.”

Many people are asking what is going to happen with Maryann and her character.  Well it appears that “Maryann will be vanquished, but no one character will  single-handedly takes her out, but rather it will be a group effort by all of the good guys.”

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) was asked if Arlene and Terry are going to stay together. She said:

“When you’re possessed on the show, the next day, you don’t remember. So they can start over—like a reset, a reboot. I think Arlene is constantly searching for the perfect man, and maybe he’s going to be the one. I don’t know.”

In regards to Tara and Eggs‘ relationship issues,  Rutina said that Tara does have feeling for Eggs because she has opened up to him so much, which may actually be the first she has ever done so with anyone in a relationship. The only problem is will she be able to get him away from Maryann‘s clutches.

This Sunday we will see, for the first time, Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Anne and we will discover that the Queen is hooked up with Sookie‘s cousin, Hadley Hale (Lindsey Haun).

So get prepared for the mind-blowing episodes left in season 2 by tuning in on Sundays at 9pm EDT on HBO for some True Blood.


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