True Blood Season 2 Spoilers: Photos From Episode 11

August 29, 2009 by  

Here are some spoiler photos from Episode 11, Frenzy of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood. Looking at these photos we can see that there is going to be alot happening in this upcoming episode.  So True Blood fans get ready for lots of excitement and a rollercoaster ride this Sunday, August 30 at 9 pm EDT on HBO. To enlarge click the photo then click the box in the bottom right-hand corner to expand to its original size..






SOURCE: HBO Inc. via Spoilertv and Fractured Simplicity

  • Eric , what a man , boy he can fly me to the moon or any where. When you look into those eyes ,all man in my book. OK enough of Mary Ann , too much , get her killed off . We need more air time for True Blood ,6 months is to long to wait for season 3 and the cliff hanger is going to drive you crazy. To all the kast, keep up the great work you’re doing a great job . LOVE , LOVE , the show. You to A. B.

  • pbartteacher

    It was a tie last night in the hotness department for our two vampire men. IMO.Eric in that wonderful designer suit. Awesome. And trying to fix his hair after flying into the Queen’s palace last night was too much.

    Bill finally returned to hot vamp status with the tight jeans and leather jacket. They have finally corrected his makeup problems from earlier this season. There were some interesting developments last night with Bill talking to Hadley. Are we hinting at plot lines to come?? Let’s hope.

    I was a bit disappointed with last night’s episode. It really wasn’t one of the better ones. I am hoping the season finale will blow me away. It is hard to top the episode with Godric dying and Sookie being played for sucker with Eric. The long two week wait now until the finale.

  • shelby

    totally agree with you jane! BOth Vamps are soo HOT! LOve Bill in those jeans! Eric in that suit! woohooo!

  • Val

    Well I am sorry that Eric’s character is so different from the books! I was really happy to see each week evolve into new and different story lines-they were similar but changed enough to make them great!Lafayette is so good-I’m glad they kept him in the show! However-I love Eric’s character too and it looks like they are making him a real unpleasent and totally selfish creature.I did’t like him at all this week and THATS real unusual for me! I hope things smooth out next season so I don’t give up on my beautiful Viking!!!

  • Tina

    I am loving Lafayette. He could save me any day.

    • Missyella

      Hi Tina, we could spend ages discussing Eye Liner, ie my inability to put it on. Now with a Girlfriend like Lafeyette, I’s be in seventh heaven!!!!!

      Eric a “Slattern” never!!!!! any man who can look hot wearing a Vest, Sweat Pants and Flip Flops, can do no wrong in my Eyes lol.

      I also wish they would sort out Bill’s Hair, yes he was a Southern Gentleman, (who luckily for him had shaved, otherwise Sookie would be experiencing some serious rashes!!!!!), but that look is not a good one in my honest opinion!!!!!!

  • pbartteacher

    Waiting for both of our hot vampires to take the small screen tonight. Stephen Moyer has returned to his hot vampire status, finally. The make up is correct. Only 3 hrs. and 30 minutes until our southern gentleman and viking god take the screen. Alexander in a suit is just too much.OMG IMO.

    We will all need oxygen after tonight’s episode. Don’t you just love those photos above? True Blood is so blessed to have some of the hottest actors. Lest we forget Sam and Jason too.

    Our “v-ddiction” continues.

  • jane


    • Nia

      OOOOO, Jane, I like your attitude. Couldn’t agree more! These men are too yummy for words. I think we are going to have to share that oxygen!!!!

    • shannon

      to tell u the truth both could hang out with me cuz they r both sexy as hell but erics humor and his manner r hilarious and make him soooooo sexy!!! and i agree bill in the tight jeans and leather jacket, i almost broke my tv trying to get them of of him!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Sorry – Eric looks like a sleaze in that suit! Give me Bill any day! He is much sexier looking and better dressed! Look at those jeans! Look at his smouldering loook! Loved the way he strutted into the Queens palace with that wonderful music! Hotness! Also, I see no chemistry between Sookie and Eric, just good actors!

    • Nia

      I totally agree with you about Bill. That man is too sexy for words.He STILL can bite me anytime. As for Eric, he looks good although I have to admit he has a bit of the “slattern” going on in that suit.

    • jay

      your right. Bill managed to look darn sexy while not having to show some skin!!
      I differ in opinion with eric and sookie.. I think they have some chemistry. It has to be organic. You have 2 have the foundations or building blocks there to develop, otherwise it’s not going to portray to the screen. I have heard alot of people that think they have awesome chemistry. I guess, it comes down to how we all perceive it, and we are all different. If AS & AP can pull it off, Good on them!!
      Obviously nothing like what bill and sookie have, for obvious reasons. But yes, I acknowledge that it is more just good acting on AS & AP part.

  • jay

    Ohh my!! Both vampz look hott.. They both have totally different looks. It really is up 2 whatever floats your boat, as they say.. Frankly, I like both.. Sookie/Anna Paquin is one lucky girl, and then she gets a little bit of alcide eye candy 2 next season. The casting people on this show are so good at their job, I am sure they will cast the perfect Alcide… Im expecting him 2 b yummy 2!! Watch out eric and bill!!!

  • Herro

    Just because Bill’s make up has gotten worse this season does not make him any less hot. Stephen Moyer is one sexy sexy man. You guys can have Eric.. I’ll take Bill!

    • Sandra

      I agree that Bill’s makeup has been increasingly worse with each episode since the first season. I’ve read a lot of comments about the make-up. Hopefully, they will improve it next season. Also, one has to think the actors are all pretty darn exhausted and need a good rest.

    • Nia

      Herro, you’re my HERO!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve loved Bill with Sookie, all through Season 1 and now as well, but since Sookie “shared” her blood with Eric, my hopes are on a love triangle with Sookie, Bill and Eric in Season 3. The daydream fantasies we’ve been seeing between Sookie and Eric have a chemistry that is delicious and needs to be explored….PLEASE!!

  • Sintia

    OMG… Eric looks AMAZINGLY HOT! *faints*

  • Nia

    We are so lucky to have such hot men on our favorite Sunday pastime.
    Bill in tight jeans and a leather jacket, with his hips and shoulders swaying to the music, as he enters the queens domain, still gives me the shivers. Yummy.
    And Eric lounging in his tailord suit. Too cute.
    Sighing very deeply now!

  • Jane

    The colour of pams outfit is mouthwatering!

  • Jane

    Eric’s suit is lush, I wonder what necklace he is wearing there?!
    I like the Queen’s pad, would be great if you could chill out there the interiors are absolutely divine.

  • TreasureCoast

    No Shannon its not just you. The Viking is smokin’ hot!

  • shannon

    is it just me or is eric so much hotter than bill? from the past episodes, he has gotter sexier and sexier and things between him and sookie are a little….

  • Thanks for the image credit! Though all I do is find them. I am pretty adept at locating images very quickly. I was leaving a comment because I found another of Sam for this episode if you are interested.

  • Neonskyq1

    Ok I’m no fan of bill but he does look scrumchius!

  • Tams

    WooooHooooo Can’t wait…….