True Blood Season 3 Spoilers: Sam Trammell Gives Hints to Digital Spy

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Sam TrammellTrue Blood‘s Sam Trammell, who plays shapeshifting bar owner Sam Merlotte, spoke with Digital Spy about what’s coming up in season 3 of Alan Ball‘s HBO drama. He was cagey with some of his answers, but there were a few juicy tidbits you might not have heard before.

Though both he and Alan Ball have said previously that his character is going to be searching for his biological parents in Season 3, Sam went on to say that:

He’s probably had a desire to see them, unconsciously, for a while, then there was that whole episode where he was with the kids and he realized that one of the kids – Cody – had never actually seen his father. That was the catalyst so that’s what Sam‘s going to do, he’s going to go try to find his actual biological parents who he’s never met and that is going to be trouble.

Sam also said that love is going to be pretty far off Sam Merlotte‘s to-do list after being so betrayed by Daphne in Season 2. As for any hopes of a Sookie/Sam pairing, Sam Trammell says that:

I think he’ll always carry a torch for Sookie even though at this point he’s kind of given up on her. He would still protect her and be concerned about her but he’s given up on her although I’m sure that will resurface at some point depending on how many years we do the show!

In Season 3, we’ve been told that some of the new characters will be werewolves, but Sam says that, as opposed to his generally cuddly dog form, “werewolves are disgusting creatures. They’re dirty, they’re not shapeshifters – they’re disgusting, low-level, smelly creatures.” How similar or different those characters will be from the ones described in Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery Series novels remains to be seen, and even Sam does not know the answer yet.

Sam was very closed lipped about which character is slated to die in Season 3, but he did say that “I just don’t want it to be me! Anybody but me, I’ll say that.” He also would not tell who took Bill, though he is pretty sure he knows the answer.

On the topic of Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq (Evan Rachel Wood) selling vampire blood through Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård), Sam says, “I’m sure there’s going to be some sort of disaster with her – most things end in disaster on our show so there’ll probably be some kind of comeuppance with that!” What that might look like, he didn’t say.

Sam walked a very tight line in answering questions about the love triangle between Bill, Sookie, and Eric, saying:

I have no idea how they’ll go with that because they’re kind of doing things a little differently than the books. Obviously we jump off from the books and go our own directions. Eric‘s just such a strong presence but she’s so connected to Bill – like even more connected to him than in the books – that I don’t see Bill going anywhere. But Eric‘s going to have a little more power with her and I bet you their romance is going to grow, probably this next season. I think their romance is going to grow and yet she’s going to have that ring on her finger. I don’t know – it’s pretty screwed up!

However, though Sam didn’t think Bill and Sookie will tie the knot during Season 3, he did say that down the line, it’s possible to see “some sort of wedding.”

When speaking about his experiences thus far in the series, Sam says that he had done nudity in some of his stage acting in New York and didn’t have a problem with it. Some of the scenes on the show were a little more personally uncomfortable for him to shoot, because, “If you’re naked inside in a bedroom it’s really cool but when you do it outside and it’s not a sex scene, you just take off your clothes – it’s hard to close the set so everybody can see you and the crew is just not impressed at that point!” Sam would like to see more exciting cliffhangers for his character:

I had a really good one the first season with the connection to Maryanne and the money, and this past year with my parents – I enjoy being in trouble. I enjoy the conflict. In a way Sam‘s the sensible eye in the crazy storm of the show. Any kind of bad situation I could be in – I like the bad situations.

I don’t know about you, but these little pieces of information only leave me wanting more, though I’m sure that’s Alan Ball‘s plan.

SOURCE: Digital Spy

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  • O.K.
    I can appreciate some of the changes to the ensemble cast, for more filler.

  • Staying true to the spirit of the books of CH’s world is the heart of the entire series.

  • lee

    I just can’t wait until season 3 begins! I want to see a taste, a leak of footage (unfilmed at this point). Going to re-read the books unless God blesses me with a job. 🙂

    • missyella


      The right job is out there for you, you know what they say, as soon as you stop looking things happen……

      Yes re-read the Books, I am just on a Touch of Dead, the short stories filling in some of the blanks concerning Sookie.

      • Amy

        Hi Missyella- do u recommend a touch of dead? I’ve been hesitating if I should buy it or not. Is there a lot of Eric in it? haha

        • lee

          I just got it from the library today but waiting until tomorrow to start reading it….

        • missyella

          Hi Amy, Lee,

          I have finished reading it and yes I think it was worth it, my favourite was the last story, I shall not spoil it for you.

          My only comment was that the Book was too short….. I could have kept on reading more of the stories, I am now going to hunt for other Sookie Stackhouse Books, I was not into Fiction and here I am, totally hooked.

  • missyella

    I do hope that the Sam, Tara relationship begins to glow again.

    But I seriously think that they will have Jason get together with Tara, primarily because of Jason’s guilt at accidentally killing Eggs……

    Roll on, roll on……..

  • jujuwaille

    i hope in the season 3 will be a bit like the book and i hope we’ll see lén the werewolf in the show !!!

    • rugby82

      I hope that too, book 3 is a really good one, oen of my favourite, and I read one of Charlaine’s favourirte too, so I hope to see more deatils taken from it…
      Ntw I’ll always love true blood!!!

  • Antonio

    Sam is pretty cool about giving “hints” and talking about spoilers and such. He seems to be the Only one who will give at least Some tidbits about what we can expect. I bet They only hhave about a month more till they go back to work. As much as I would want them to “hop to it” and get back to work on S3,I’m also aware that the Holiday Season is upon us again soon! I suppose I’m 1 of those people who gets sentimental about the Holidays. Christmas is Not a whole lot of fun if you have to spend it working and apart from Family and Loved ones!! I hope They will get at least Some time off for xmas.
    Sam seems to be a really cool and funny guy. He can be So witty!
    I must admit i was quite surprised to find out that Stephen~~OFV~~ can also be funny!
    Steph has a more “dry” “dark” sense of humor where Sam is more “comical” “goofy”.
    OFV BTW means Our Favorite Vampire

  • rugby82

    the “same sort of wedding” is btwn Arlene and Terry(she’s pregnant) or The King and The Queen to take over Luisiana as kind of vendetta from the Kind with Sophie Anne for selling V…
    I’m so waiting for Eric and Sookie….i love their chemestry, not sexual, but when they are togheter is like electric impulse between them….
    Just my hope and my opinion…..
    I think we all agree saying We Love True Blood!!!