True Blood Season 2: Spoilers and Speculations

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sookieandbill8There are some True Blood season 2 spoilers and speculations from Matt Roush at TV Guide Magazine.  Mr. Roush tries to answers some questions about what is going to happen on season 2 of True Blood.  There are several questions that were posed to Mr. Roush:

“I understand that in the Sookie Stackhouse books that True Blood is based on, Bill doesn’t play as big a role and vampire Eric comes out as the major love interest. Will Bill continue to be Sookie’s gentleman caller, or will Eric shake that love story up in Season 2? And what’s on the horizon for Tara? It’s clear that Michelle ForbesMaryann is up to no good in that mansion of hers.”

Mr, Roush tries to answers some of the question without giving away too much spoiler information as to what is going to happen on season two because frankly the show wants to keep that element of surprise for the audience otherwise the anticipation for season two would dissipate.  Therefore, Mr. Roush starts off by saying that he has read up to book 5 in the Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse series and has enjoyed them immensely, he feels that if season 2 follows book 2 then Bill will still play an important part in the story.  Now here comes the spoiler and if you do not want to know, do not read any further.  Ok you have been warned.

Although in Charlaine Harris’ series Bill and Sookie do break up, Bill remains in the shadows waiting for Sookie and as Mr. Roush puts it “she never really gets over him.” In the case of Eric, his relationship with Sookie evolves and it is to see if the show will go there at some point.  However, as Mr. Roush states:

“given the chemistry of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, I expect Sookie and Bill will have plenty to do with each other as the series progresses, and I also hope that Alan Ball will develop the series so that it will find its own voice and not stick too closely to the letter of Charlaine Harris’s books (just as Dexter has wisely and smartly veered from Jeff Lindsay’s novels).”

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  • You’re right jess, the Bill of books for me is very boring, but the Bill in the show is better, but even so I will continue to support Eric in the show and the books, nobody will make me change my mind or charlaine if she decide that Eric does not love Sookie, just want her for himself.

  • Jess

    Honestly (PLEASE DONT HATE ME!) I hope that the relationship between Bill and Sookie simply gets stronger. I dont think that Alan Ball should use the books as a solid guide line if as a guide line at all. I am a big fan of the books and Sookie’s and Eric’s relation ship is pretty…hot I have to admit but I personally like the relationship between Bill and Sookie on the show even more. I really hope that this will not turn into a Meridth Derek forever makeup brakeup seneraio, even though they do get married in the end, I find that those “couples” tend to get on my nerves. So either their together or not together, but Alan Ball is brilliant so if he does spilt them up I am sure they will still have some kind of connection any way. Hopefully of that does happen then end up together in the end lol. I know I know you’re probibally thinking that I am crazy for thinking this but just look at dexter like the article says. See if a show that is created from a book follows that book to closely then what will happen when the books run out? The series will no longer have any more new plots! So if True Blood slowly veers away from the books then it can become its own…living breathing creature if you can understand what I am saying. So in short I am a much much bigger (please dont hate me!) Bill and Sookie fan then Eric and Sookie. I hope they stay together.
    Go Bill and Sookie!

  • I have the impression that this season will be very good, lots of action but I think it will not be based 100% or 70% on books in spoilers are very different things.

  • Debbie

    I agree with some of the people who posted that if the show is revolved around solely on Bill/Sookie’s relationship that it will die out. It would be boring.
    I think if Alan Ball does not establish the Eric/Sookie relationship, a lot of the his viewers who are Eric/Sookie fans will be upset. I am an Eric/Sookie fan and I have read all 9 books, and Eric has always been there for Sookie since book 1!

    He staked Long Shadow and I don’t know why they changed that up. It will only screw up season 5 (book 5) if they ever get to that point.

    If they want viewers to be satisfied with the show they need to include the love triangle and the breakups/hookups/ broken hearts, amnesia and all the stuff we love from the BOOKS!

    • Nia

      You are right that it would become boring if it was only about Bill/Sookie. Bring on the love triangles, squares, rectangles, (ok, I’m getting stupid here)whatever. It would be fun to shake things up. Who wouldn’t want two or three gorgeous men/vampires fighting after them. The show will never be exactly like the books, fans need to understand that. But that is good. I like the unpredictability of the show. Keeps us guessing. Although I am a Bill lover, I am also an Eric fan, I believe Eric will be a major player, maybe not in the way you other Eric fans are expecting but, lets be a bit surprised, and just be glad they are making this wonderful show, and support them in any way we fans can!!!!

  • Nia

    Replying to all of the above, I believe that the love between Sookie and Bill is paramount to the story. But with all good love stories, you have to throw a wrench in to block up the works, now and then. I believe that Eric could be that wrench, but not a serious love interest. Also remember, Sookie only had sexual relationship with Eric because he lost his memory and became a whole new person. Sookie should have flings, and she should have a bit of a rocky relationship with Bill. That will make the story all the more interesting, and keep their love alive. And it also sets the stage for great make-up sex!!!!!!!!
    I have read all the books, and although I found her flings interesting and fun (yes, the shower scene with Eric), Bill is always in the background, and I found myself always waiting to read when Bill is comming back to claim her. In the end, I believe she will end up with Bill.
    Yes, I will always be a Bill lover.

  • sookiebillfan

    sookie and bill are true love/soulmates. they will be together the entire series. the show should show how the two of them can get thru anything together. sookie and bill hav perfect chemistry too. eric will hav a different love interest.

  • TeamEric

    If they are going to continue the relationship between bill and sookie a lot of fans are going to be very disappointed including myself. We all know Mr. Alan will not do the show exactly like the books because then we (the ones that read the book) will all know what will happen next which is understanding but I really do hope he includes the relationship between Eric and Sookie in the future!

    • Andrea

      I believe if you read some of the interviews posted ,Steven Moyer talks about Eric giving “pouting” looks towards Sookie(he also jokes around about being jealous) and he is also gradually developing the relationship between the two.
      as a fan of both the books and the show I think we have to step back a bit and realize that fleshing out story ,giving background on the characters is a gradual process. WE hope to enjoy many seasons watching how all the relationships develop ..Alan Ball has two audiences he has to cater too ,the book fans and people watching the show who are not familiar with the book .I enjoy both I think Alan Ball is an incredibly talented man “American Beauty” is one of my favorite movies I think we should sit back and enjoy both the show and books individually and appreciate both.I am sure the show will give Eric/Alexander fans plenty to “bite into”

  • TeamEric


  • Well True Blood is an adaptation of the books and many people have never read the books that are watching the series. Having read all 8 books my interpretation has been that it was true love between Bill and Sookie and the relationship with Eric was fling. I am looking forward to see how Alan Ball interprets and adapts the essence of the novels into True Blood.

  • Dooly

    OH NO is right. Bill & Sookie is so boring. I like the vampire politics & their “inside” world. With Bill “mainstreaming” this show will start sucking…in a bad way. I bet it won’t get past a season three if they only stick to a Bill/Sookie storyline & leave out all the other creatures too. Like the Weres & Shifters. Most hard core fans are the book readers & straying too far away from the books will be bad news for everyone.

  • Jen

    I definitely want to see them stick to the story plot that Charlaine Harris wrote and of course adding new is always good. I like the differences that have been made so far. I really like the idea of the teenager- very funny! As for Eric- she HAS to develop that relationship with him!!!! It would not be true to the Sookie character if they did not. I can’t wait for the shower scene myself!!!!



  • If it is true what is said that Bill and Sookie to continue their relationship because Anna and Stephen have a relationship, I feel very descepcionada Show, I want to change a little history to not be predesible but not because of the actors That is only for the most popular show and it’s not fair, the story is perfect as written

  • What I read is that the romance between Eric and Sookie is not going to happen because Allan Ball prefers Bill as well as Paquin and Moyer are romanticly envolved… Quite sad because the dialogues between Eric and Sookie are the most fun to read and he is always there to save her…
    I think that they are going to change the storie and get Eric a different love interest, maybe the Queen… Oh well…

    • Telma that is some interesting details. Where did you read that?

    • As you can see by my name I am a Bill fan and this is just my own personal opinion but I look forward to keeping Bill and Sookie together and I have read all 8 books and Bill was always my favorite right to the very last page.

  • Kiara

    Oh no, I agree with evelyn if they put more eric in there it will be GREAT. He’s a… interesting character haha

  • Boussie

    Meh…not much in the way of big news here. The dude just basically stated what everyone already knows – that Alan Ball is using the books as a really loose guideline for the show. No spoiler either for those of us who have read the books.

  • Evelyn

    oh no. i hoped so much that eric & sookie’s storyline would follow the books, at least a LITTLE MORE. eric is so hot for sookie in the books, and it’s a wonderful & exciting exchange every time they speak or meet. totally captivating.