True Blood Season 2: Spoilers and Speculations

April 1, 2009 by  

sookieandbill8There are some True Blood season 2 spoilers and speculations from Matt Roush at TV Guide Magazine.  Mr. Roush tries to answers some questions about what is going to happen on season 2 of True Blood.  There are several questions that were posed to Mr. Roush:

“I understand that in the Sookie Stackhouse books that True Blood is based on, Bill doesn’t play as big a role and vampire Eric comes out as the major love interest. Will Bill continue to be Sookie’s gentleman caller, or will Eric shake that love story up in Season 2? And what’s on the horizon for Tara? It’s clear that Michelle ForbesMaryann is up to no good in that mansion of hers.”

Mr, Roush tries to answers some of the question without giving away too much spoiler information as to what is going to happen on season two because frankly the show wants to keep that element of surprise for the audience otherwise the anticipation for season two would dissipate.  Therefore, Mr. Roush starts off by saying that he has read up to book 5 in the Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse series and has enjoyed them immensely, he feels that if season 2 follows book 2 then Bill will still play an important part in the story.  Now here comes the spoiler and if you do not want to know, do not read any further.  Ok you have been warned.

Although in Charlaine Harris’ series Bill and Sookie do break up, Bill remains in the shadows waiting for Sookie and as Mr. Roush puts it “she never really gets over him.” In the case of Eric, his relationship with Sookie evolves and it is to see if the show will go there at some point.  However, as Mr. Roush states:

“given the chemistry of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, I expect Sookie and Bill will have plenty to do with each other as the series progresses, and I also hope that Alan Ball will develop the series so that it will find its own voice and not stick too closely to the letter of Charlaine Harris’s books (just as Dexter has wisely and smartly veered from Jeff Lindsay’s novels).”

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