True Blood Season 2: Stephen Moyer Talks About Bill and Sookie

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bill-and-sookie-season-2Emma Rosenblum from had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Moyer regarding the premiere of season two of Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood.  Stephen spoke with Ms. Rosenblum regarding the development of the relationship between Bill and Sookie on the show and Anna and him off-screen.

As Ms. Rosenblum explains there is a scene in the new season where Bill and Sookie get into a heated argument and end-up having makeup-sex where in the process Bill “bites Sookie’s neck with his fangs in an orgasmic frenzy, then kisses her, smearing her own red blood down her cheeks and onto her lips”.

Stephen has the difficult job of portraying both a savage bloodsucker and a likable romantic lead, and as Ms. Rosenblum states “this interlude, at least, comes off as hot as it does scary.”

“I had an e-mail from a lady after Bill bit Sookie for the first time saying, ‘It was all going so well—why did you have to bite her?’” says Moyer, when I ask him about handling those two aspects of the role. “I explained to her that it was actually a consummation of their relationship as opposed to a violation. He wouldn’t do that for just anyone.”

As Ms. Rosenblum states True Blood is basically a love story between two individuals who are seen as outsiders.  Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse an bar waitress who can read people minds except for Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) a 173-year-old vampire who returns to his hometown to reintegrate into human society.

“However weird our show is, it’s ultimately about relationships,” says Moyer, who’s on location in Louisiana, where True Blood is set. … “I play this vampire hero who’s trying to be decent and do decent things,” says Moyer. “And he loves Sookie so much that sometimes he goes too far for her.” Ball notes that he “expertly walks the line between monstrous, noble, and vulnerable. He’s wildly romantic and appealing, and I am not at all surprised by the rabid intensity of Bill love from the fans.”

Ms. Rosenblum comments in her article that Stephen bring to the show his experience working with the Royal Shakespeare Company and how his speech is so different from Bill.  When speaking in his regular voice Stephen uses the terms “darling” and “love” quite often, but once he switches over to his Bill voice it is as if you see a transformation before your eyes. Stephen during the interview switched to his Bill voice when Ms. Rosenblum commented the popularity of the phrase “Sookie Stackhouse, you are maaahn!”

In a playful move Stephen at this point switches to his “Bill” voice and says,

“When I’m in my voice and I say ‘Soo-kie,’ that’s just how it comes out,” he drawls creepily, pronouncing Sookie to rhyme with cookie (as opposed to kooky). “Everything moves slowly in Louisiana, including the way they talk,” he says. “The voice has really taken on a life of its own. There’s a parody of it on called Vampire Bill’s Cooking Show, in which they make Bloody Marys.”

Stephen also discusses the romance that developed between him and Anna.  Anna states that for the audition they had to read together and as a result the chemistry that developed is not a coincidence.  As Anna puts it, “the two characters have to lock eyes and go, ‘Oooh, who are you?’?” she says.  At this point Stephen states that they tried to remain professional as long as they could but couldn’t resist what was “unstoppable.”

They tried to keep their relationship under wraps for until the first season aired because they didn’t want the publicity to be taken away from the show and placed upon them being a couple.  As Stephen states, “But now it’s fantastic—not only do we live together, we see each other every day.”

Ms. Rosenblum makes an interesting statement by saying that the Bill and Sookie’s “connection continues into real life seems a natural progression; the show hinges on the fact that these two are meant to be, in some cosmic way.”

Stephen states that he hopes that “people feel like it adds to the show instead of taking something away.”

In conclusion Stephen says that the relationship that has developed between him and Anna  grew in front of everyone, the crew, the audience and that it would be weird if he was with someone else.

All True Blood fans are looking forward to the start of season 2 that begins on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 9PM/ET on HBO.

Here is the clip that Stephen was referring to.

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc./John P. Johnson)