True Blood Season 2: TV Guide Spoiler Info

May 27, 2009 by  

hbo-true-blood-season-2TV Guide’s editor, Mickey O’Connor answers viewers’ questions about what we may see for Season 2 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood and the neverending question of who’s foot is it that we see hanging out of the car at the end of Season one.  If you don’t want any hints then stop readinig NOW!  Ok you have been warned.  Now we know that whoever it is, they are dead but who?  Mr. O’Connor states that we will find out right away as season two begins right where season one ended and provides us with a  little tease based on how he phrases his remark: “Since the season premiere (airing Sunday, June 14, 9 pm/ET) picks up right where we left off, the victim’s identity is revealed in short order.” Hmm, I wonder if he is trying to tell us something.  He goes on to state that “season 2‘s first casualty is related to Tara, but not in a way that you will guess.”  The death of this person does not seem to be of real importance at first but viewers will see later on its impact.  Then he mentions that a minor character’s drinking problem returns. Going back over the characters from season one we can take a good guess aa to who this may be but with this being Alan Ball‘s creation anything is possibe.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)