True Blood Season 2: Vampire Comic on Blood Copy

May 27, 2009 by  

blood-copy-vampire-comicVampire Andrew’s Blood Copy blog takes a look at vampires going into a line of work that most may think vampires cannot do:  comedy acts.  Yes you did hear me right.  A vampire performing stand up comedy.  Now before the Great Revelation how do you know if your favorite comedian wasn’t a vampire.  They could have been around for ages and we never knew that they really were vampires so it should not be too much of a surprise.  That being said heckling a vampire comedian may not be the best idea no matter how bad he may suck (no pun intended). Now most can handle an heckler but there are nights when one can get under their skin just like it can happen with a human comedian.  The only difference is heckling a vampire comedian when he is in a bad mood and on a night when he/she will not put up with it can be very unpleasant.

In one particular case that Vampire Andrew posted on his Blood Copy blog a human decides to give a vampire comedian a hard time heckling him to the point that the vampire is so visible upset that he is trying to control himself from leaping off the stage and draining the heckler.  Yet this human decides to have even more fun with this vampire by videotaping his outbursts and threats and posting it on YouTube.  Not smart.  If I was that human I would make sure I would lock myself in my home just before sunset otherwise I may not see the sunrise again.  Go over and watch the video on Vampire Andrew‘s Blood Copy blog and comment whether the vampire was overreacting or was the heckler right.  Just be careful with what you say because you never know if that vampire is reading your comment and does not take to kindly to what you have to say about is act.

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