True Blood Season 2: Vampire Economics

May 14, 2009 by  

bloodcopylogoFunny, you wouldn’t think that the economy would effect vampires but according to vampire Andrew on his Blood Copy blog human are not the only ones that suffer when the economy takes a downturn.  Although vampires have been able to fill the void by taking jobs during the graveyard shift and providing services at all hours of the night while human business owners shut down for the evening after 5pm, some have been effected by this take over in a negative way.

On vampire Andrew’s Blood Copy blog he examines one woman’s business which has suffered since the emergence of vampires.  Apparently she catered to the Goth community who fantasized about being vampires, and the poseurs, and pretenders, claiming to have powers and abilities.

Vampire Andrew doesn’t have much sympathy for her or others like her who profit from misleading the public when real vampires are abound.  However, she should be careful with her hate filled words or she might find herself facing a vampire who does not take too kindly to her rants.  Go see vampire Andrew’s report on his Blood Copy blog and watch the video of the woman.   Let vampire Andrew know whether you agree or not with her rants.

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