True Blood Season 2: Vampires in New York City with Blood Copy

May 6, 2009 by  

83165275The search for Andrew continues as Roger discovers how much vampires have tried to be part of society.  Taking a break from his work he walked upon a new museum exhibit featuring vampire art.  Not pieces of work depicting vampires but artwork created by vampires.  It seems that it is drawing a huge crowd though the majority of the people viewing the artwork are humans.  I guess this may be a way for them to get close to a vampire without the danger of being bitten.  Who knows but it appears that there is a huge vampire community in New York City, but are they accepted?  It’s hard to tell.  As Roger states until something else comes along to remove the spotlight on the vampires they will have to continue to be viewed with suspicion.   In Roger’s report he seems to be so tried with his search that he is starting to see things.  Go over to Roger’s blog and read his report and see if he is missing anything.  He did take a picture of  a guy he thought was Andrew, but now he’s not sure.  Go check it out for yourself and let him know.

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