True Blood Season 2: Vampires Living Among Humans

May 14, 2009 by  

bcvampVampire Andrew provides his perspective as to why humans should fear not vampires because they no longer need to hunt and can exist on Tru Blood but he does admit some prefer the “old ways.”  It seems surprising to hear how vampire Andrew’s mannerism of speech has changed from how it was before when he was human.  Now he speaks as if has been a vampire for centuries when referring to humans not needing fear vampires.  He states that even though they have tried to convince the human population that they can co-exist with them some see otherwise.  He mentions that some humans have taken a fascination to the vampire culture and are interested in their abilities and how they are trying to fit in.  Interestingly vampire Andrew seems to have forgotten that he was one of these humans since he asked to be turned by a female vampire.

Vampire Andrew seems slightly amused by all this human interest in vampires and how the media is trying to focus on them in films and on television.  I think he was actually referring to Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood in this post.  Though at one point the does seem to remember that he was one of those humans who wanted to watch every video he could find on vampires to understand them more.

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