True Blood Season 2: What Did You Think of Episode 9?

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bill-and-eric-season-2HBO‘s broadcast of True Blood Episode 9, I Will Rise Up, has left many talking this morning and we want to hear from you and what your thoughts were about the episode.  Did you feel heartbroken knowing that the one thing that Bill loves and that gives meaning to his undead life for the first time in 140 years has been torn apart by Eric‘s manipulative move. Or did you cheer at the sight of Eric and Sookie together even though it was a dream sequence.  What are your feelings about what happened to Sookie?  Do you think she was violated or not? What did you think of Godric sacrificing himself to the sun?  Why do you think he did it?  So much happened in this episode that has left many in a daze as they rode an emotional rollercoaster ride last night.  Please remember keep references to what is happening on True Blood and not what was in the books.  We want to have a discussion about the events that have happened up to now in the series.  Also please be cordial and no bashing of any of the characters, otherwise your comment will be deleted.  Episode 9 had many emotional charged scenes and we want provide  a positive environment where people can express their feelings about the events without feeling the characters will be bashed.  So let the discussions begin. Below is a recap of Episode 9.  To watch, click play then double click to screen to enlarge.

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  • I so agree with you Loleaf – I have been wondering if Sookie and Eric were sharing the same dream. I wonder how much influence the book has for those of us who have read it on how we feel about Sookie and Eric… I just can’t get enough of Eric (Alex).I also can’t wait to see which of the “others” they bring in to court Sookie! I agree, Bill looked great on Episode 10, especially in the black leather jacket, the swanky walk and less grey skin as he walked up to the queen..only 2 episodes left?

    • Loleaf

      I concur!!! LOL!!

  • Daniell

    I’m so hook to this show. I really in ejoy the drama/comedy. I don’t think Sookie and Eric make a good couple at all. Bills smooth and really get’s into his role. The couple has so much chemistry it just jumps off the screen. Not feeling that with Eric. So please Allan Ball do mess it up.

    • sweetwhysper

      I love Eric and Sookie as a couple, I hope they get to explore that avenue in the show. Anna and Stephen have such a great chemistry on screen because they are really a couple, engaged to be married. I like Bill, don’t get me wrong, but he’s too shady and cryptic sometimes. With Eric, you know that he is ruthless and will do almost anything to get what he wants. I would much rather know than not know, you know?

    • Daniell, I have to agree, I am sorry to say……I thought I would love the Eric and Sookie route, but to be honest, I did not like them together. I didn’t think they had chemistry like Bill and Sookie. I was a bit bored with Bill in Ep 9, but Ep 10 was great! Glad to see Bill back with some backbone.

      I would, however, love to see more Eric love scenes….possibly with Pam! That would be a great twist with her (their) sarcastic wit!

      • Loleaf

        How could you not find the scenes between Eric and Sookie HOT!! How do we know that Sookie isn’t reading Eric’s mind and that is his fantasies that she is dreaming about. After all she did ask Barry if he could read vampire minds! Maybe the blood she took from him is causing that. I have read the books but I don’t want to give anything away for people that haven’t. Also, according to Stephen Moyer in the July TV guide interview: He hinted that he and Sookie won’t stay together because that would make a boring series if they stayed together the whole time. Also, that he hopes that they will find him another love interest. I’m really not pro-Bill or pro-Eric because I love the way that AB and and crew is forming his/their own story-lines from the book form. It makes it more interesting!!! I just hope that Sookie gets to have her own adventures with the others that she meets from the books.(Those of you who has read the book know WHO I am talking about)!! I believe she has her own growing up to do, and if she is constantly being protected by vampires she wouldn’t have that opportunity to grow!! That’s just my opinion..

        • Nia

          According to Alan Ball, the main focus of the show is Bill and
          Sookie and all the problems that most “normal” couples go through. So Sookie may have her little flings and maybe Bill too. I am just loving this show so much. Bill, Eic, Sam, Jason, all hot guys that we want to see hook up with ladies. I think Eric should hook up with a tall amazon type. Not Pam though. I don’t see that happening. We do need to see more Pam also! She is such a fashionista! Love her pumps!

        • Nia

          According to Alan Ball the main focus of the show is Bill and Sookie and all the problems that “normal” couples go through. Both may have their little flings, we will have to wait and see. I am just loving this show so much. All the guys are hot! Bill, Eric, Sam, Jason, Terry, I am looking forward to all their hookups.
          I think Eric needs a tall Amazon type. Not Pam though. Although we do need to see more Pam. She is such a fashionista! Love her pumps and sense of style!

  • Lori

    Show!Bill is being shown in alot better light than Book!Bill that’s for sure, I wonder if any of his betrayals will be shown onscreen. Askars was amazing last week, he had be laughing my head off at his pitiful ‘I dying..’ routine, then drooling at that sexy/sweet, hotter than hell love scene and then crying at the rooftop scene (which was so beautiful, very cinematic). Big up to Alan Hyde too, he brought to life a wonderful character that will be missed. Fingers crossed for flashbacks.

    • Sintia

      Thanx! because now I don’t need to write my thougths about this ep.
      You just said it all right. Anyone who asks for mi opinion on the ep get the same sequence of emotions all provoked by Eric. I laughed so hard at him playing dead, then lusted over him in bed with Sookie and finally crying my heart out when he wouldn’t let Godric go. He just swept me off my feet.

  • Sandra

    At least I may be able to get something else done. This series has distracted me so much it’s like it, “sucked out my brain and planted all its own babies in there.”

  • lemor davidovici


  • jay

    Torn between both eric and bill… Felt sorry for bill. But I also loved seeing another side of Eric… I dont know how people can choose one over the other now, both amazing characters. There are things that I like and dislike about both of them. They are the total opposites, like YING and YANG almost. But they both have the same foundations. Both can be loyal, devoted, passionate, protective. Yet both can have that dark scary streak about them. They just express themselves in different ways, and in different colours… Awesome how this season has seemed to bring eric to life, I hope next season they do the same with Bill. Seems like he took a back seat this season. But there is a whole series to explore a whole lotta possibilities between the love triangle and the three characters themselves, that the books necessarily couldnt look into.. I love the show and will always watch it despite the different directions it may go!! Thats the exciting thing about the show I think.

  • lemor davidovici

    i just wish that bill would show his mean sneaky vampire / ego side like eric is showing up his mean sneaky vampire /ego side to sookie that’s why she hates & likes eric he shows everything the bad & the good bill just hides the bad truth & that is what sookie doesn’t like she thinks if bill hides the truth it’s like he is lieing to her !.

  • Lee

    So I was wondering, since the show has deviated from the books, and there is no secret sex club in Bon Temps, does this mean we will not be seeing Eric in pink and turquoise spandex? Because frankly that is something that I would like to see.

    • Nia

      Who wouldn’t!!!