True Blood Season 2: What Did You Think of Episode 11?

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true-blood-episode-11-queenHBO‘s broadcast of True Blood Episode 11, Frenzy, has left many talking this morning and we want to hear from you and what your thoughts were about the episode.  Bill forced to play with Queen Sophie-Anne as he tried to get information from her how on how to destroy Maryann was interesting especially the Bill and Eric scene.  What is going to happen next at Sookie‘s house and what was that thing?  Alan Ball is doing a fantastic job building up the tension for the season finale, which we know will have us falling out of our chairs. Please join us in our forum where you can post you comments and join in discussions with fellow True Blood fans.

Please remember keep references to what is happening on True Blood and not what was in the books.  We want to have a discussion about the events that have happened up to now in the series.  Also please be cordial and no bashing of any of the characters, otherwise your comment will be deleted.  We want provide a positive environment where people can express their feelings about the events without feeling the characters will be bashed. Click here to join in the discussions on our forum.

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  • Jaxx

    Sandra, Sookie was attacked the next night because Bill came into the bar again to thank her for her help and Sookie asked him to meet her after the bar closes to talk about the DOTGD.

    Still, all the characters were there as in the first night, Sookie, Bill, Rattrays and Sam. Still think now that the Rattrays were reporting to Eric. If they were draining and selling V themselves, they would be living in a mansion, not their trailer. I’m thinking there had to be some connection to Eric or the Queen.

    • sandra

      In that case, Eric’s reference to Sookie drinking Bill’s blood the first night Bill met Sookie was incorrect. I thought it was wrong when I heard it in this last episode.
      Considering how experienced the Rattrees were at draining blood, it seems Eric would have known about them. Unfortunately, we’re probably not going to get any answers to our speculations until two/three episodes into next season.

      • Jaxx

        Sandra, you are right, Eric did say it was the first night. I didn’t catch that right away. thanks.

        Hopefully, we will get answers to these questions next season. It’s going to be a long 9 months.

        • Missyella

          Sandra, you are right it was the second night. How did we all miss this fact????

          Was Eric playing mind games with Bill??

          Debbie, Alexander is currently single, things are happening workwise and he has said he does not have the time.

          I suppose when it happens it will.

          Get behind me as I am head of the queue lol!!!!!!

          I am not sure of a type for him, but as he is Scandanavian they are usually more open minded to all sorts of relationships.

          As an Afro-Caribbean Londoner, I know because I have had relationships with European Men, in fact my Husband is Anglo-French.

          • val

            Actually I just read in about 3 different reviews that Alex is dating Evan Rachel Ward! It said they had tried to keep it hush hush to keep the Paps from bugging them,but she came down to Louisana to be with him while he was filming “straw dogs”! I have to say I think she is a good actress but she has just dumped Shane West and has been on/off with Marilyn Manson,so I think HE could do much better(who knows WHERE Marilyn Manson has been!)Yuck!!

  • Debbie

    Can someone tell me is Alexander Skarsgard seeing someone? I have seen him with pictures of nice looking women, but I wonder if they are just fans, someone special in his life. It sure would be interesting to know the type he likes in real life.

  • Sandra

    Okay…I need clarification from someone. I thought Sookie was attacked on the second night after she met Bill, not the first night. Didn’t she go home and speak with her grandmother, who asked her to inquire if Bill would speak to the DOTGD Society?

    • Hi Sandra,

      You are correct. The first night Sookie meets Bill she saves his life, goes home and tells her grandmother that a vampire came into the bar that night. I still remember grams saying “did he bite anyone” with excitement and glee. Later that night Sookie dreams about Bill standing outside her bedroom window, runs outside and Bill starts to undress and Sookie thinks they are going to have sex.

      It is the next night after her shift ends that she is attacked by the Rattrays and Bill saves her life by making her drink his blood because if she hadn’t she would have surely died.

  • Debbie

    The Queen said that she hasn’t had sex with a man since Eisenhower, however Eric is a Vampire. So even if she has sex with Eric she still hasn’t have had sex with a man.

    • Sandra

      Frankly, I’m not sure Eric could refuse her, even if he wanted. Ashton is right, her serious side, when she insisted that Bill stay, was very interesting and nicely understated.

    • Missyella

      Hi Debbie,

      In the Books, it is quite frowned upon to have a sexual relationship with another Vampire, but Sophie being the Queen can obviously do what she wants.

      Hopefully in the clips we saw Eric is please God playing with, humouring her, but he is 1,000 years to her 1,100, so may be not!!!!!!!

      • Jaxx

        Remember also, Bill was with Lorena for a very long time before they parted. I think, in the book, when 2 vampires are together too long it is a power struggle, if I remember correctly. Two vampires can be together just not forever.

  • ashton

    i am so confused abt sookie’s cousin?? could someone pls explain to me why she is with the queen?? I thought that I had seen every episode..but have i missed something? Bill acted like he knew she would be there. Neways abt ERW..I agree. I see how she is playing on the whole old hollywood thing. She was just TOO relaxed though. I am curious about her powerful side. I have read only 4 books but I can see in the next episode her and eric are hooking up..or close to it. Which is funny because she made it so clear that she hadn’t enjoyed sex with a man in foreverrrrr. lol. Eric would be worth testing that belief though 🙂

    • Jaxx

      Ashton, Sookie’s cousin Hadley is mentioned briefly in, I think, book 1. You don’t learn about her until book 5 or 6. If you’re on book 4, you will learn about Hadley soon. You didn’t miss anything in the episodes. She was also briefly mentioned in Season 1. To sum it up, Hadley left home at a young age, she was wild and into drugs, she is bisexual and the Queen’s love interest. There is more but I don’t want to give too much away since you will be reading it soon.

  • Jaxx

    Missyella, good revelation. I didn’t think of that. I do remember Denise Rattray saying, they could get $10,000 for the blood they were collecting from Bill while they were draining him. Who else could pay that much for it? Eric, a wealthy business owner or perhaps the Queen??? Maybe the Rattrays were reporting to Eric and they saw Bill give Sookie blood to save her. Remember the Rattrays died a couple of episodes later in the “tornado”. Plenty of time for the Rattrays to report back to Eric or the Queen. Hmmm. Hope some of these questions will be answered next Sunday. They did go back to Season 1 for the Maryann/Tara story. We’ll have to see.

    • Sandra

      Jaxx and Missyella, thanks for your observations about the chain around Rattree’s neck in the first episode. I thought it was a bit too convenient to incapacitate him with one throw. It makes sense that the Rattrees could have been working for Eric. However, if it were Eric helping Bill and Sookie that night, Bill should have known it…just as he recognized the dog as a shifter. In fact, Sam knows about Sookie’s uniqueness too, based on his conversation with Bill when Gran died.

      Still, Eric may have been toying with Bill, making him think he didn’t know Sookie’s identity. Now, of course, Eric probably knows all after bonding himself to Sookie. I think that the queen probably sent Bill to win Sookie (in AB’s storyline) because Bill had enough humanity to draw out Sookie and win her love and loyalty. Eric would have repulsed Sookie immediately (as he did) with his cynicism. (The goodness in Sookie is probably another trait of a fairy.)

  • Missyella

    Jaxx, I have just watched it and read the caption, my God you are right the Chain was being pulled tighter around Mac’s Neck by an unseen force/entity. Whooo creepy!!

    Who knows what AB will do with some of the Book scenes, Charlaine Harris has said she is enjoying the changes AB has made, because they are a revelation to her as well.

    I don’t think it was Maryann, remember what she said to Tara, that she was summoned by her when she had the fake exorcism with Miss Jeanette and these events that happened, took place before Tara decided she had a Demon in her.

    Regarding Eric being Sheriff of Area 5, I think you are right and the Queen should have told him of her plans, re Sookie and Bill. Maybe next Sunday all will be revealed, I for one cannot wait!!!!

    Now that Bill knows that Eric is peddling V, via Lafayette, do you think Eric was using the Rattrays for the same reason, questions, questions???

  • Holly

    I totally agree with all comments regarding ERWs portrayal of the Queen. Shes seems almost like a caricature of her real self. I have to admit i originally did not warm up to the Stephen Moyer casting of Bill Compton and BOY WAS I WRONG. lets hope I am wrong on this as well and Ms. Wood warms up to us all. PS MORE LAFAYETTE!!!

    • Missyella

      Hi Jaxx, you have now made me wonder about that episode, I am going to try and see if that trailer is available on You Tube. M

      It is a mystery, we do know in one of the Books Eric was hovering outside Sookie’s Hospital room Window, when she was badly injured.

      But having said that it would appear that Bill knew/knows Hadley, remember when he told her it was best to stay away when she asked after Sookie and Gran and did not tell her that Gran was dead.

      Would the Queen have told Eric that Bill I think, was on a mission to find Sookie?? And that he had succeeded and why would he not have known that they were “bleeders”, surely when he went outside with them, he MUST have known what they were going to do to him. Afterall Vamps are supposed to be aware!!!

      The Rattray’s beating was some kind of hideous bonus for Bill in a horribble way, thus allowing him to give Sookie his Blood and start the blood connection?

      I wondered about the Chain around the male Rattray’s Neck, I did wonder where Sookie learnt to throw like that, bearing in mind her tiny stature. Could it have been Eric, we know how fast Vampires can be!! Or as you say the fairy power not yet tapped???

      • Jaxx

        Missyella, Once again, I know where not supposed to be comparing to the books but do you remember in one of the later books, Eric was upset because the queen went over his head with the Bill/Sookie thing? Not sure if the series will follow that or not. You’ve got to think that Eric being the Sheriff of Area 5 that the queen would have told him her master plan with Bill since he would be in his area now(if this is how AB will play it out), but then again maybe not. That is the only reason they go to Mississippi next season, someone goes missing (don’t want to spoil it for anyone). If Bill met with the queen for that mission, then he must have met Hadley before. That’s why Bill doesn’t want Sookie and Hadley to see each other. Hadley knows the truth of what’s going on.

        Check this out on You Tube: True Blood “Extras” Promo for Season 1 Blu Ray. Read the caption at the end of the video. This is one of the ones I was talking about. I’ll see if I can find the other one.

  • antonio

    I was somewhat disappointed with the queen Sophie scenes. It seemed like a huge waste of Bill’s time! I expected her to be ruthless and perhaps even monstrous. She was NO help! He went there to see her for 1 reason how to ged rid of Maryanne! All she was interested in was playing yahtzee and offering Bill sex and bloodfeeding. What a waste! As for Tara I knew there was no way she could defeat Maryanne! I think the end was really cool though! Now Bill is gonna coerce Sam to be part of her goofy ritual so he can take her down??

    • Sandra

      Actually, the queen did tell how one could kill the creature. She said that in the moment during the sacrifice ceremony (on a shifter, for example), the creature becomes vulnerable to being killed. Although it is immortal, it seek “oblivion.” Therefore, its mind creates the reality of death as it had created the reality of immortality.

      Bill is smart about bringing Sam to the maenad so that she will allow him to stay during the ceremony. In that way, Bill is ready to kill her at the right moment. This is not a spoiler, just my speculation on the final episode for this season.

      • Missyella


        i think you are right, distraction on the part of the Maenad, just enough fo Bill, Eric, Sookie, whomever to do the deed, please God. I am still puzzled by the Egg in what became Sookie’s Bedroom, what is it? What does it symbolise?

        Am still not happy about the casting of ERW, hope her character improves for season 3, I found get too flighty and playful for someone who is meant to be wise, with centuries of pearls of wisdom to convey.

        Can someone tell me how Eric would have known about Bill giving Sookie his Blood the first time they met, after the Rattray’s beating of her??

        Was he flying over Merlottes at the time and witnessed the scene himself?? Hopefully this will be addressed in Season 3.

      • Jaxx

        Sandara, good speculation and observation. It does make sense and I’m glad you could breakdown in simple terms what the Queen was saying, I couldn’t quite grasp what she was getting at. That scene was too distracting.

        Missyella, I wondered that myself about how Eric knew about the blood exchange between Sookie and Bill in the first season. Either Eric could see that in Sookie’s mind since she has had his blood now or Bill was being monitored by someone. You are right Eric could have flown by, if Eric was in on it at all. We don’t quite know yet in the show what the relationship between the Queen and Eric is but I think we’ll find out the extent next week. (If it follows the books, we know what it is. Don’t want to spoil for anyone that hasn’t read the books.)

        Another question, does anyone remember way back in some of the original trailers for this pilot? I seem to remember a specific trailer when Bill was with the Rattrays, he looked into the woods at something/someone, a shadowy figure. That was only one trailer and they never incorporated this into the show. Could it have been Eric? Maryann?? I think I found this trailer on YouTube but I haven’t searched for it in a while. I also seem to remember there was a great force that Sookie had with the Rattrays and the chain around his neck. Almost like if someone helped her. Was it Sookie’s fairy power? Was someone there helping her? Eric perhaps??? I hope this will be further explored in the next season. Any speculations?

        • Kris

          Eric is the sheriff of area 5, in order for Bill to come live and do business in his area Bill had to get approval from Eric. Since the Queen sent Bill to Bon Temp to do work for her (acquire Sookie), she may have had a hand in getting Eric’s approval. With this said, Eric is going to know what happens in his area. So the information about Sookie first drinking Bill’s blood could have come from the Queen herself, or an informant. And the person in the woods was most likely the dog version of Sam.

  • Jaxx

    I agree. During the break in between seasons, AB, the writers and ERW, need to re-evaluate how the Queen should be portrayed. The part was overacted. I had to re-watch that part a couple of times and I still don’t think I really know much more than I knew before about maenads or how to get rid of them. Too confusing to follow. And while I understand that the Queen is bi-sexual, there was too much distraction there with her wanting all the males to get it on at some point. WE KNOW, WE GET IT, SHE LIKES TO SEE TW0 MEN TOGETHER, enough already. I felt uncomfortable trying to watch Bill squirm out of there. (As an aside, kudos on Bill’s new look. He looked hotter than in previously episodes this season. Stick with this look.)

    I know these blogs are being monitored by HBO/True Blood people. We, the audience, also want the show to be the best it can be. You need to do a little tweeking for Season 3. We all want a good season and want Seasons 4, 5, 6, etc. Please take these criticisms constructively as I know this is a group effort and we shouldn’t be blaming just one person.

    Looking forward to meeting the were community, Alcide, Debbie as well as our regulars. Alex, love ya.

    • Kristy

      Jaxx, I agree with you completely on all your points. My earlier comments echoed the same concerns about Evan Rachel Wood’s acting, the portrayal of the queen and the writing for her part. The comments are very much meant to be constructive because we love the show and we want it to continue to be top notch. I don’t often reply online with my comments, but the whole queen issue prompted me to write. I fear that the queen problems could fatefully snowball in to upcoming seasons and turn away a lot of people – unfortunately myself included. The consensus that I have been reading in not only this site but on several others is that a lot of people have the same concerns about ERW and some of the writing and future of the character. True Blood writers, please review and at least have an open mind about what is being said by a good part of your fan base.

  • Debbie

    I have watched each episode of True Blood, and already I am upset that the season is coming to an end…I don’t see how they can bring even a few things to a close, much less all of the things that have been happening. But one thing I do want to talk about is Evan Rachel Wood — is a good actress in some of the things that she has been in, but somewhere a terrible thing happened and that is her being cast as the Queen of LA. Queen Sophie is suppose to be insane, thousand of years old…and while I understand that she may have her own agenda for what she does and doesn’t want to happen, she didn’t come across that way…more like a young child that wanted someone to play with her…and if you got up to leave, she will tell you a secret of seeing Momma kiss the next door neighbor. They say that Vampires loose their humanity after time, well she has her humanity and all her human failings firmly intact. Evan Rachel Wood came across as a lonesome individual, who just wants someone to play with her…I hope that in up coming episodes she will improve and they make her a true vampire queen and not a little old lady waiting for meals on wheels.