True Blood Season 3: Get Ready for Adventures

June 7, 2010 by  

One of the biggest television happenings this summer is the return of True Blood and Alan Ball has promised not to disappoint!  From what we can gather we can expect lots to be happening this season.

Sookie will be on the search for Bill with the help of vampire Eric and werewolf, Alcide – only problem – she will have chemistry with both of them!  Tara will be getting mixed up with her own vampire.  Jason will become a cop.  Sam will get to see the dark side of his birth family and trouble will brew between Queen Sophie and King Edgington. Plus on top of all of this Alan Ball has promised a sex scene that will be completely unexpected.  If all of that doesn’t have you dying for this season, I don’t know what will!

Out of all those captivating storylines – the introduction of Sam’s family is a huge one.  Sam sets out on a journey this season to find his shape shifting relatives. TV guide recently sat down with Sam Trammell, Marshall Allman who plays Sam’s kid brother Tommy, and J. Smith Cameron who plays Sam’s mother Melinda.

J. Smith Cameron tries to help us get a better picture of Sam’s background. She explains that Sam’s father, Joe Lee was in prison when Sam’s mom found out she was pregnant, so she gave Sam up for adoption to an affluent family.  This storyline will finally give Sam a chance to shine amist a series that has been eclipsed by vampires. Sam explains that his character just really wants to see what his real family is like and how bad they really are. What he doesn’t expect is for them to come right back into his life. That is when Sam’s problems really start.

Sam tells fans to prepare for disturbing flashbacks of what Sam went through after his adoptive parents abandoned him. Sam explains that you will get to see a different side to his character – a darker side.  In episode 6, it is revealed how Sam’s father pimped out his wife and son.
A lot of fans have wanted to see romance come into Sam’s life especially since the bar owner has lost his two waitress loves, Dawn and Daphne, last season.  Well this could change for Sam when he hires a new waitress toward the end of the season, Holly.  Sam reminds fans that being a waitress at Merlotte’s can be very dangerous!

We look forward to seeing Sam once again on True Blood and following him through this newest adventure! The season premiere of True Blood airs this Sunday at 9:00 pm!

SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine
(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)