True Blood Season 3: Alan Ball Give Us Some Hints

May 22, 2010 by  

Zap2it had the opportunity to speak with Alan Ball about season 3 of True Blood and it seems fans better not assume anything based on what Alan reveals including who they think took vampire Bill Compton.

“For people who read the book, they’ll be surprised who kidnapped Bill … We definitely have used the plot from the book as a starting point, but we have done a lot differently as well. There’s a lot of new stuff happening, a lot more about vampire politics and the introduction of werewolves into our world. And there’s stuff going on in Bon Temps as well.”

As Alan states every character is going to have their “hands full and will be extremely tested by the circumstances of their lives.”

Alan has stated many times that the books are based on Sookie‘s point of view with no other stories happening with the other character only when they interact with Sookie.  Therefore, Alan wanted to build on the other characters and build stories for them while at the same time unifying “everything that keeps all the characters involved with each other as much as we can.”

“Our cast just continues to expand, so it’s a challenge finding a way to serve everybody. But I think that’s part of the appeal of the show, that there are so many characters with so many different stories, so there’s something for everybody.”

One of the new cast members to join season 3 is Joe Manganiello who has been cast in the role of Alcide Herveaux, the werewolfAlan immediately saw that Joe would be perfect for the role for Alcide, even though originally Joe came in to read for a smaller role on the show.

Alcide was hard to cast, and interestingly enough, there was a lot of fan in interest in Joe,” Ball says. “There were a lot of people on his message boards on IMDB saying this guy should play Alcide. It’s always difficult to find somebody who is going to fit into the world of the show, because the show is kind of crazy and over the top, but the acting is really grounded. We have a cast of really, really good actors, so you can’t just bring someone in who is pretty or charismatic and they’ll be able to hold their own. We lucked out with Joe, because he’s trained and also physically appropriate for the role. Joe just brought the whole package.”

Joe is a big fan of True Blood and was overwhelmed by the support he has received from fans in getting the role of Alcide and states that season 3 is going to be amazing.  Joe is well aware of how huge True Blood is and the strong fan following it has. He points out that season 3 will be wild and crazy and fans will have some of their questions answered, but at the same time new questions will probably end up driving them crazy for answers.


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