True Blood Season 3 Behind The Scenes Video

May 20, 2010 by  

The Buzz takes a behind the scenes look at the various shows that HBO is getting ready for the new season and they agree with what True Blood fans have been saying — waiting sucks. Enjoy the clip!

Series in Production Summer/Fall 2010


  • Antonio

    Wow It looks like a lot is going on at HBO I’m glad for them
    Boardwalk Empire looks really cool and AC Whoa! Looks like Jersey will be on the HBO map once again! They have lots of stuff in the works..good for them! I used to think that Nothing could beat The Sopranos…Glad to see they kept at it!
    No word on Curb Your Enthusiasm? Oh well just have to wait on That I guess.

    Now As for TB, This may be a Big year for Bill but I think it will be a Big year for Eric as well! We may see a different,darker side to Both of them. There will be More vampires in town This time… Will they respect Eric’s authority as Sheriff? New vamps,Werewolves and who knows what else No more like Maryann I hope! It looks like it will be Awesome!
    I’m sure that now with Bill’s absence Eric will try to make a move on her! There will be More sex dreams you can be sure of that! I’m hoping that there will be some kind of attraction between Eric and Sookie if Only to keep things exciting and provacative! It will be quite interesting to see How Bill and Sookie get on Apart! Sookie Is a lot stronger than she looks!
    Who knows what will come of this “separation”? Will Bill revert back to a more feral state? Will he begin feeding again on unsuspecting humans? With regards to Eric being “changed” I dont think That will be a problem. Eric is a big bad ass vampire hes had All this time to aquire toughness to become a commanding sheriff! It All sounds So exciting! can hardly wait to see what happens! Only 22 DAYS LEFT!
    Well We have waited This long~~~I dont know How good thing websites like This are around~~ We can wait a bit longer!
    HBO has kept us satisfied with clips,videos,news minisodes and tidbits here and there about S3 Not to mention a comic book graphic novel style~~~~Awesome!!

    Later This year,We may be debating over Who we think the best Werewolf on TB is! LOL
    Besides, I think a separation will be good for Sookie and Bill
    it will give them time to reflect and think about whats important to them…will give them a chance to grow and rethink their journey together.

  • lizzie

    All these clips make us want more – all the speculation! You are a big tease, AB!

    Thank you Adore Bill. I still think this will be Bill’s big year! What was Stephen looking at behind the scenes? Photos? I thought originally it was the camera and he was looking at what was shot?