True Blood Season 3 Cast Poster

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Here is the True Blood Season 3 cast poster featuring Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compton, Eric Northman, Sam Merlotte, Jason Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, Jessica Hamby, Lafayette Reynolds, and vampire Pam.  You will notice in the poster images of a wolf (which would imply the introduction of werewolves) but also a snake.  What do you think the snake symbolizes? Sam shifting into one or some hidden message such as temptation (Bill and Sookie being tempted) and if pursued their Garden of Eden destroyed?  Comment below with your speculations!

SOURCE: HBO Canada Inc.

  • My guess is that Pam and Jessica are going to grow close this season–not only are they looking at each other but are wearing the precise same color (bloodwine red).

    Tara is wearing the same color as well, and we know she enters into a relationship with a vampire this season. Hmmm….

    Eric and Lafayette are wearing the same clothes, which indicates perhaps some kind of continued inter-action.

    The wolf (Alcide?) is looking at Sookie.

    Hoyt is nowhere to be seen.

  • val

    Not not to change the subject on what the deeper meaning might be and I do say MIGHT be- is there anyway to GET this poster!!!????

  • samantha

    i like this photo the colors and everything so awsome!!!

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  • jaxx

    OMG, this poster is awesome and full of hints for S3 to come.

    Eric in the middle front and center, behind him a werewolf–there is a connection there. Pam looking at Jessica–is Pam taking Jessica under her wing???? Jason looking at Lafayette and Lafayette looking at Eric, hmmmm. Tara and Sam together seeming to both look at Eric. Bill and Sookie together but with a snake pointing at Bill and Sookie, deception of some sort possibly coming?? A skull, someone’s going to bite the dust.

    Interesting, very interesting. Can’t wait. And yes, waiting sucks.

    Wow, love the setting and the colors. That’s all we need is the S3 theme song.

  • AmaZen

    Actually, there are (at least) 2 snakees in the picture, a big one pointing at Bill (at his hand on Sookie) and a small one pointing at Jessica. I think they symbolize deception, “a snake in the grass”.

    This poster looks heavily Photoshopped, as if the actors posed with furniture, separately, and then were added into a new background.

    The big question in my mind is, why are Pam & Jessica giving each other the hairy eyeball???

  • Sean

    Ohmygod! Eric looks so f**king good! Come on June13!

  • veruca

    Anyone else think this poster looks oddly Last Supper-ish? But then that would make Eric kind of Jesus-ish… And anyone else thinking how much this looks like a painting? Especially the way Alex’s muscles are looking…

    So happy to see Pam included. I’d love to see Deborah, Alex and Nelsan included with the ‘main cast’ in the opening credits before it goes all alphabetical (I have a huge assumption that Alex’s name is going to be moved up this year and put after Stephen but before Sam).

    Making assumptions – still showing the Bill and Sookie love in the poster (love Anna in the picture – the dress looks amazing on her) and Eric still ‘the hunter’ reading to pounce with Sookie in between the two suitors. Jessica posing a bit like the ‘slattern’ that Bill didn’t want her to look like last season. But what’s with the Sam and Tara together? Are they going to get those 2 back together?

  • Andiie

    Just an FYI the show is LOOSELY based on the book. They won’t end Sookie and Bill I don’t think many would be happy with that. There’s alot of characters who aren’t it this who will play a big role why won’t you tell the endings to the rest of the books?? Like come on. I’ve read all of them but the 1st2nd and you just told me the ending…

    • Rebekka

      Just because the show is “loosely” based on the books, doesn’t mean they should cut out one of the central story lines that run through them which is ending Bill and Sookie’s relationship. The only people who won’t like this ending are those who didn’t read the book.

      • Rebekka, that may be true, but you have to remember that what got Alan into the books to begin with WAS Bill. He’s stated it in interviews many times.

        Your comment regarding who will and won’t like Bill and Sookie breaking up is somewhat offensive to me because I’ve read the books and I still want Bill and Sookie together. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so not everyone is going to agree with your statement.

        • lizzie

          Agreed, Isis. I have also read the books and want Bill and Sookie to end with each other in both media. There are a lot of Bill fans out there – don’t underestimate us! What bought the majority of the fans of the show in was the Bill and Sookie romance!

          I also think the snake is looking at Eric – just draw a line from it’s face. Eric is the snake in the grass, imo!

          • Rebekka

            I agree that I should not have made generalizations, but in my opinion, keeping Sookie and Bill together will stray away from Charlaine`s original storyline completely.

            I like Bill too, but Sookie`s life is so much more complex than just her relationship with him (Biil). This would take away the kind of relationships Sookie has with other main characters.

  • OMG!!!
    it really seems a Tim Burton work!!!!!i looove it!!!!beautiful colours….they are perfetc…
    so love Pam!!!and Jessica too…they both have same colours…that means somthing….
    Eric central, dominant, god i’m speachless….i wanna see the viking takes avery little spaces in True Blood this year!!!He is defenitly one of the lead characther and the main reason Season 2 ha ssooo high scores!!!

    This pic, seemes very Lost style….where you have to analyze the details and find them a meaning….
    a sneak for Bill and Sookie, ‘couse we know that book 3 is their end, Pam adn Jessica same dress….they will have a connection for me….Lafayette looking at Eric seems vary scares and attracted to him….Sam and Tara just stand there….watching everyone and Eric….and two skulls, one under Sookie…means 2 deaths and we know that’s gonna happen….
    Can’t wait for Season 3!!!!love the viking!

    • val

      AMEN! The Viking god lives! Hurry Season 3!!!

    • lizzie

      Funny, but I do not see Eric central and dominant. He is to the left of centre. What was dominant for me is Bill and Sookie – yeah!!! Oh, the snake looking at Eric – what is that about??

      Anna and Stephen are the main leads. There may be a bit of separation, but the 2 main leads will be together, mark my words. What interested AB was the Bill character and the main lead always gets the girl. AB will change the book. Otherwise it will be boring or a documentary!

      • jaxx

        This was the pix that came out earlier. On my screen, much darker image, a little blurry, not all the picture was there, harder to see. I did re-edit with the new picture.