True Blood Season 3 Casting Call for Episode 3.05 “Trouble”

February 5, 2010 by  

Here is another True Blood Season 3 casting call for Episode 3.05 which is entitled “Trouble“.  This is a minor role but based on the description it seems that in episode 5 we will be seeing a lot of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and his backstory.    The casting call is for an attractive, buxom Swedish servant girl in her 20’s who will be kissed passionately and have her breasts fondled by Eric during the flashback scene to 900 AD.  She will have no lines but will be required to do partial topless nudity.

It seems many Eric fans will enjoy this episode and it will add to the growing anticipation for the return of season 3 of True Blood in June.

SOURCE:  SpoilerTV

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc., screencaps by James)

  • Livy

    Has this part been cast yet?

  • I would LOVE to audition for this part. where do I sign up! boxum blonde applying right now!

  • jaxx

    Wow, can’t wait to see this. How can anyone resist? Lucky girl, whoever gets the part. And, love the Alex pix above Ollie. Thanks.

  • jay

    im sure the actress will be comfortable to do whatever otherwise she wouldnt audition 4 it I guess. Some actresses may not like to do it, but its a job at the end of the day.
    Last season we got eric flashbacks at episode 5 in think it was? (can anyone help me on that :)) looks like season 3 we are getting erics backstory really early on. Cool!, erics defibately a major influence this season!!

    • Yes, it appears that both our boys will be getting huge flashbacks this season, which is great for us!!!

      • jaxx

        I love flashbacks too. They show background of the characters which helps identify them. Still would like to see how Bill and Eric knew each other from the past. There has to be an interesting history there as to why they dislike each other so much. Would very much like to see a flashback of that.

        • Loleaf

          I agree that they have a history with one another.. This is JMO but I really don’t think that Eric and Bill dislike each other. I believe they have a respect for each other but when it comes to Sookie all bets are off! Bill doesn’t like the idea of Eric having an interest in her not one bit, and of course Eric knows this which sparks what I call the peacock syndrome (where they both strut around trying to outdo one another with their many many attributes) LOL…
          Bill has come somewhat to Eric’s defense after Layfette’s release telling her that he has had worse sheriffs and he hated that Eric has shown Sookie the barbarousness that they call justice and that Eric could have done much worse to Layfette for selling V. I think the only real confrontation was the punch Bill laid on him was when he tricked Sookie into drinking his blood. Eric seems to get a kick out of Bill and his emotional outbursts which after 1000 yrs it peaks his interest as why a vampire would I’d guess you’d call revert to human ways. We still don’t know if AB will follow the books with the aspect of the reason Bill was there for Sookie to begin with(those that have read the books know what I mean). Time will only tell.. But again that’s JMO.

  • Nia

    Should be interesting!
    I am so glad to hear about more flashbacks. They truly make the show even more fascinating.

  • m

    i wouldn’t be comfortable with that….i was brought up decent with strict rules about being a lady and such so there….but it’s alexander skarskard…what can i say?

  • I’m the right age, but the answer is no. I’m not comfortable with the idea of what that girl has to go through, and I’m not Swedish looking in the least.

    • Vi

      “I’m not comfortable with the idea of what that girl has to go through”

      Isis, the casting call is very neutral on the feelings of the girl, so what makes you think she objects to it?

    • Vi

      Oh, wait, are you talking about the actress? Nevermind, then, I misunderstood you.

      • LOL, I was referring to myself. I’m personally not comfortable showing off my body like that, or I may have considered trying out myself when my friend goes (I’m driving her over as it is).

        • Vi

          Ah, that explains it. How nice of you to drive her over, anyway!

          • Thanks. She loves Alex, so she’d absolutely die if she got the job… I’m hoping she gets it!