True Blood Season 3 Casting Call: Episode 3.10 – “I Smell a Rat”

May 2, 2010 by  

A casting call notice is out for several characters for True Blood Season 3 Episode 3.10, titled “I Smell a Rat“, written by Kate Barnow and Elisabeth R. Finch. The start date for filming is said to be May 7th and the episode will be directed by Michael Lehmann.

The requirement is for eleven characters, many with attitudes and some who speak fluent Spanish. Here’s the list.

Tony – Tall male (at least 6 feet), Caucasian and in his 20’s. Considered “tall, dark and sexy in a runaway junkie kind of way”, he’s a prostitute out for a fix. He’s picked up by Russell because he has some resemblance to Talbot. Tony has no idea what he’s in for. Role has 2 scenes, 6 lines, guest star with possibly strong recurrence in Season 4.

From Sam’s Past
Jon – A cocky and sneering, slick con man in his 20’s to 30’s. Seen in a flashback to 2003 from Sam’s past. Guest star role.

Charlene – Dressed in business attire, this hot 20-something female is someone from Sam‘s past. Guest star role.

Vampire Haters
Jade – A female in her 30’s with big hair. Wanting all “fangers” to pay, she and husband, Vern, go to Bill’s house to commit a hate crime. But Jessica quickly has Jade at her mercy. Guest star role.

Vern – Male, 30’s, angry and ignorant goon. He and wife, Jade, go to Bill‘s house to teach them “fangers” a lesson or two. Very quickly Vern discovers he’s in over his head. Guest star role.

TV Anchor – Male news anchor reports that hate crimes against vampires are expected to rise. Role has 1 scene, 1 speech.

TV Newscaster – Reports on TV that Russell is still missing and information on his whereabouts is forthcoming. Role has 1 scene, 1 speech.

The Law
Vampire Lawyer – Hired to prepare a last will and testament for Eric. Role has 1 scene, 2 speeches, 2 lines.

Female Cop – As she approaches Russell, she shines a flashlight on him and tells him to turn around. Role has 1 scene, 2 lines.

Spanish Speaking
Mexican Husband and Wife – Young couple in their 20’s appear in a flashback to the 1930’s. Both actors must be fluent in Spanish and deliver a small chant in Spanish.

Mexican Woman – Aged between 65 and 70 and appears in a flashback to the 1930’s. Must be fluent in Spanish and deliver a chant in Spanish.

Watch for the start of Season 3 of True Blood on HBO June 13th.


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