True Blood Season 3 Casting Call for Holly

March 28, 2010 by  

According to, a casting search is in the works for a new Merlotte’s barmaid.  Her name is Holly and she is the mother of two, probably single and in her 30’s.  Holly has a natural gift for “seeing” future events, which long-term Merlotte’s employee Arlene finds very creepy.

It seems the Holly character will appear regularly in Season 3 episodes and will possibly be a Season 4 regular in the series (yes, there will be a Season 4).

Fans are now speculating on who would fit the role.  Feel free to post your own suggestions.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Mone_Chari

    I think I would make the perfect Holly. How do I sign up or try out for a part in a season of True Blood

  • Roberta

    I would love to see Clea DuVall from HBO’s Carnival to play Holly. Clea’s charachter could see the future through her mother and the cards. She’s got that look where she could practice witchery (like the books). I know the gal can act and I miss seeing her on a quality show. She could play it out of her hat (pointed witchy hat?). Smile and sigh….

  • jaxx

    YAY, I hope tv Holly is like the character in the books. I’m also glad we are getting to meet another book character. I hope this means we are heading in the right direction for S3 and S4. *fingers crossed*