True Blood Season 3 Casting Calls and Title For Episode 7

March 11, 2010 by  

Some very exciting True Blood Season 3 news regarding casting calls and the title for Episode 3.07.  We have been informed that Episode 7 will be entitled “Hit The Floor” and that several additional characters will be added including one that will draw alot of attention among fans who have read the book series. Let’s take a look at some of the characters that will be joining season 3.

One of the biggest news regarding this casting call is one for the role of Claudine.  She is described as a beautiful, kind and loving figure in her 30’s -40’s who knows a lot about Sookie and appears to Sookie in a golden vision. However, their utopia is abruptly dismantled when Claudine issues Sookie a mysterious warning. Now it is interesting that Alan is introducing this character now in the series.  We will have to wait and see how much we are going to see her and if it she will be similar as in the book series as the casting call states this may be a possible recurring role.

Other casting calls include a cruel “white trash dummy” in his 30′-40’s with a large belly name Big Bobby.

A suspicious, dangerous, Louisiana backwoods hillbilly, wearing overalls and speaking with a major accent, by the name of Frank.

A middle aged female doctor (Dr. Sekuler) who gives Tara some dire news at the hospital.

A female hospital administrator in her 30s, patronizing and hushed, who brings paperwork to Jason and appears a bit hurt when Lafayette lashes out at her.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc. screencaps by James)