True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Alcide Has Been Cast

December 15, 2009 by  

Joe ManganielloHere is the casting news that many True Blood fans have been waiting for:  who is going to play Alcide Herveaux in Season 3 of True Blood.  The wait is finally over as Michael Ausiello from reports that the werewolf, Alcide Herveaux will be played by Joe Manganiello, best known for playing barkeep Owen on One Tree Hill and Marshall’s law school chum Brad on How I Met Your Mother. As stated in previous casting calls Alcide is described as good-looking, rough-around-the-edges, articulate, heroic, and decent — to assist Sookie in her search for Bill, but unfortunately has a psycho on-again, off-again girlfriend by the name of Debbie Pelt, who is still to be cast.

So True Blood fans what do you think?  Are you happy with the choice?


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  • Jessi

    I have to say that I think he’s absolutely perfect for the part of Alcide… while I love the series and purchase every book the day it’s released, I don’t think my imagination did Alcide justice… not after seeing him in the flesh, so to speak 🙂

  • Jessica

    Love the Alcide casting, having read all the books a few times, he Joe is almost exactly what I pictured in my mind

  • shanel paige

    Omg he is not what I expected, but I think he will fit the part. He is definitely some eye candy! If I was sookie I would be in heaven!!

  • Ciridian

    Ok…at first I wasn’t so sure about this guy to play Alcide based on the pic. But then I went to IMDB and saw some other shots of him with long hair and a scruffy face – whoa!! Not to mention that he’s 6’5″….even taller than AS!

    So I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he can do.

  • Jennifer

    I googled Joe and he looks much better with long hair. I’m undecided I guess I will just wait and watch. I wonder who will play Debbie the B$&#H.

  • Traci

    OK – if you look at the pics of him with long hair and scruff, he is absolutely perfect!!! Everybody that is claiming he is too “pretty”, do you really think they will have him play Alcide the way he looks in this pic? AB is MUCH better than that. I think this is an absolutely perfect choice, not to mention his size – WOW!!!!!!

    • jaxx

      I agree. They won’t have him clean shaven for the part. Alcide is tall, brawny, scruffy, shaggy which will fit the bill. I think AB knows how to cast. He was probably one of many who tried out, he picked him for a reason. I think he’ll be just perfect.

  • Terri

    Wow 6’5…I don’t know anything about filming but I’m guessing it must be hard getting every one in the frame with one actor standing 6’5 tall.I notice that Alexander is always standing with a slouch when there are others in the scene and I was thinking that was to get everyone in and he’s only 6’2.Anyone else noticed that?

    • Kristi

      yep! those are some mighty tall, but extremely mighty fine men, my god if i was female on that set…. i’ve found nirvana!

      • Terri

        Alex will feel short standing next to Joe…haha something that probably doesn’t happen very often…

    • missyella


      Alexander is 6ft 4″ so an inch difference, boy those Actresses are going to have “Neck ache”…………………

      • Terri

        missyella I stand corrected re Alexander’s height…is Alan Ball trying to get a basketball team together…lol

        • missyella

          Terri, I think you have something there lol……………..

  • Kristi

    not what i envisioned, but im going to have to trust alan, and believe joe can deliver 🙂

  • Amber

    I loved him on OTH so I know i will love him as Alcide!! Yay cant wait til June!

  • txophelia

    Well, I’m disappointed, but totally have to have faith that Alan Ball and his team know what they’re doing. I did some research on Joe M, and he apparently studied Theatre in college, and has lots of tv and stage time. As a theatre person myself, I hold out hope that he’s a great actor……something about his audition got him the part.

    And guys……..HE’S 6’5″!!!!!! He’s even taller than Skarsgard! That’s probably what got him the part. He must be a monster in person, and Alcide is supposed to be huge.

    Here’s hoping he was the right choice. I actually thought he’d be more beautiful, but I think they’re going more for of a rough, rugged look, which this guy definitely has.

    So much for Scott Elrod. Oh well….! I’ll watch for him on next season’s CASTLE.

  • cox

    I believe Alan Ball missed the mark. This guy does not look the way I envisioned Alcide would look on screen. I remember him from Owen the bartender. I do not think he is a talented actor.

    • Terri

      I have never seen this guy act so I can’t comment on that.
      I would have liked to see a longer hair and roughed up looking
      Alex O’Loughlin play Alcide,I think he could have pulled it off
      but thats just my opinion.
      This Joe guy will have to prove us all wrong and then we can eat our own words.

      • Lauren E

        Joe Manganiello will definitely make you eat your words.

        He’s a fantastic actor, he really gets into the roles of characters that he plays, he makes ever character I’ve seen him as real and believable.

        He’s GORGEOUS with long hair and facial hair, and he took it upon himself (was not told by AB to do this) to start 2 completely different workout methods and he is lifting weights, so that he can be even BIGGER in the muscel department when his filming starts.

        He is going to do wonderfully and I think AB made a FANTASTIC choice in Joe for Alcide. I for one can’t wait to see him with all of our favorites.

        It’ll be cool to see the scenes with him and Eric next to Sookie… hahaha… Poor Anne Paquin. Your neck is gonna hurt, sweetheart.

  • cox

    I think Alan Ball missed the mark, the actor does not do it for me he is not what I envisioned Alcide would look like on screen. I remember this guy as Owen the bartender, he not very talented.

  • Terri

    OK Jaxx, I checked out some pix of Joe and you are right, with longer hair and a three day growth he looks the part.He needs to grow his hair and roughen up a bit and he’s Alcide.Looking forward to seeing him in season 3.

  • jaxx

    For those who really didn’t like this picture, go on imdb and type in his name. There is a picture there with longer brown hair and some scruff. See what you think of this one. This is the one I like which reminds me of Alcide. Cute either way.

    • jaxx

      P.S. Actually pbarteacher posted the link to that picture yesterday. Check it out. Sorry Pbart, I didn’t see that when I first looked. 🙂

    • missyella

      Jaxx, I’ve had a look and yes I can see it now. I have to admit I do not know the Actor, but I will trust AB to do what’s right for TB.

      Afterall he did not kill Lafayette, which by rights he should have done if he was following the Books to the letter, which of course we know he is not………..