True Blood Season 3 Casting News: A Few Additions

January 29, 2010 by  

Well True Blood fans, today we have some casting news for you. We know that in season 3, episode one, which is entitled “Pack Of Wolves” introduces the character Missy who will be played by C.C. Sheffield. We also know that Season 3, episode two, which is entitled “It Hurts Me Too” will feature 3 new characters. A creepy biker who will be played by Andy Mackenzie, Rosie who will be played by Tess Alexandra Parker, and a vampire server who will be played by Ethan Stone.

To learn a little bit more about some of these actors we have found out that Andy Mackenzie has been seen in movies such as “The Zodiac” and “Shoot ‘Em Up”. The biker/werewolf that Andy will be playing in True Blood will be a menace to Sookie, but he will find out that she is not the easy victim he anticipated.

Tess Alexandra Parker has appeared in “The Ugly Truth” and “Wonderland”, while C.C. Sheffield’s character, Missy, is one of the college girls that will end up in bed with Jason Stackhouse. The girls try to get him all excited for some threesome fun by making out with each other. Unfortunately Jason doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about it. Jason seems to be haunted by what he did because he can’t seem to stop picturing them without bullet holes in their heads.

Everything we seem to find out about the new season of True Blood just seems to get fan’s blood racing. We can’t wait to see the new storylines and how they will play out with these new characters and phenomenal actors!

Andy Mackenzie
Andy Mackenzie
C.C. Sheffield
Tess Alexandra Parker
Ethan Stone


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