True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Get Ready For Debbie Pelt

February 4, 2010 by  

Exciting True Blood Season 3 casting news has come out today, Debbie Pelt has been cast! Micheal Ausiello from posted the information, as did Joe Manganiello via his twitter account, that Brit Morgan (from ABC’s Middlemen) has been cast as Alcide Herveaux‘s crazy ex-girlfriend. According to Michael this rounds out all the big name new characters for Season 3. On top of that, Alan Ball has confirmed to Michael that Debbie Pelt‘s character has been added and she will appear in more episodes than was previously intended.

How do you feel about Brit Morgan being cast as Debbie Pelt? How do you think Debbie is going to affect True Blood in the long run?


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  • Michelle King

    She actually has the right face, just the blonde hair threw me off for a sec. If the hair is a little shorter and darker, she looks close to what I pictured.

  • jaxx

    Different than what I pictured in my head but they casted her for a reason. Love to see what she brings to TB. Will be interesting to see how she plays crazy/nasty beotch. Should be fun to watch everything unfold. *Sigh* just 4 more months to go.

  • Not at all what I expected. I hope she brings the attitude.

  • Thanks for the scoop.
    She looks too sweet to be Debbie.

    • *playful* Just don’t forget that looks can be deceiving!