True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Looking For Caroline Compton

November 9, 2009 by  

SpoilerTV is reporting a casting call for Caroline Compton for Episode 3 for season 3 of True BloodCaroline Compton was Bill Compton‘s wife during his human life and is described as a woman in her 20’s and she is to appear in a scene set in 1866.  The scene shows Caroline as a  lovely, very strong, brave, well-bred and well-spoken Southern woman and Caroline pulls a shotgun on the intruder into her house–clearly prepared to use it–till she realizes it’s her husband Bill (Stephen Moyer), whom she was sure had died in the War . THIS IS SAID TO BE A GREAT SCENE!  The actress is said to resemble the actress in the attached photo.

Now this scene alone sounds as if it is going to be extremely moving and I for one cannot wait to see it!

True-Blood-Caroline-ComptonSOURCE: SpoilerTV

(Photo credit: SpoilerTV)